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City Survival: The Elemis Deep Cleansing Facial

Last week, I was invited to try out the Elemis Spa Pod – hidden in Debenhams Oxford Street, it promised to provide an oasis of tranquility in the middle of one of the most hectic shopping streets in the world.

After a long day at work, if I’m being honest, this was the last thing I fancied doing. Jostling with tourists and Christmas shoppers (with six weeks to go, it’s already manic up there. Be afraid, be very afraid) to get to the shop, I was less than enthused about taking my makeup up off and having my skin scrutinised by a stranger.

I’m pleased to say that within five minutes of my arrival, my mood was changed completely – thanks to the friendly therapist and my sheer delight at the cosiness of the treatment room. It wasn’t what I’d expected at all- tucked away, behind a secret door at the back of the clinical white beauty counter, is the Spa Pod – a soundproofed cubby hole draped in luxurious fabrics, soft lighting and all the Elemis products one could wish for. This really was a million miles from the smoggy streets and heaving traffic outside.

After a Facial Assessment, whereby a high technology camera examined the state of my skin (with quite pleasing results – years of avoiding the sun have paid off, it would seem) I was treated to The City Survival Power Booster Facial, to combat the grime and congestion my skin battles every day in the capital. The treatment aims to remove impurities through deep cleansing, leaving skin ‘balanced and well nourished’, reducing the likelihood of further breakouts.

A large leather massage chair saw to any knots and points of tension in my body as the therapist set to work with a Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash to remove all traces of dirt. Next she used a Papaya Enzyme Peel exfoliating cream, Balancing Lavender Toner, Absolute Eye Serum and Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules. To finish, my face was slathered in Maximum Moisture Day Cream, which felt smooth and silky to touch.

It was all over far too quickly, and before I knew it it was time to head back to the real world. The treatment armed me with a renewed interest in keeping my skin healthy and clear (yes, 8 glasses of water a day really is key. It’s that simple)  and I left feeling blissfully relaxed. Refreshed and ready to take on the long tube journey home, I couldn’t help but feel this would spoil the effects of everything I’d just indulged in – guess I’ll have to go back again…

Amy @ FashionBite xx

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