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REVIEW: Tangle Teezers – Wind Swept Hair, Be Gone!

I was blessed with long, fine hair that decides to do its best Bob Marley impression when faced with battling the elements, a long day travelling, or a casual swim at the beach. Funny enough, dreadlocks don’t suit me. After spending a particularly difficult half hour brushing out my hair after getting caught in the rain, I decided enough was enough. It was time to try out the product lauded for its magical ability to banish knots and give quick, professional styling results – behold, the Tangle Teezer!

I thought I’d try three different versions of the Tangle Teezer, to get a good feel for the brand and get to grips with when and where I’d actually use the product. I visited the ‘Hair Advice’ section of the Tangle Teezer website, selecting the ‘Fine Hair’ tab to find out which brushes were right for me. It recommended the ‘Compact Styler’, so I selected one in ‘Golden Goddess’ – black and gold, my favourite colour combination. This brush is made for the busy girl’s handbag – small and lightweight, it comes with innovative casing to protect the comb’s teeth. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take everything but the kitchen sink with you on a day out, so compact accessories are a must. I found the brush cut through my tangled mane much quicker than ordinary brushes, creating a soft, glossy finish. Definitely one for your Christmas stocking!

Next up was the ‘Aqua Splash’, which claims to be the first upright, non-slip, water-loving detangling hairbrush. Great for me as I particularly struggle with combing my hair post-shower – I hate to cover my locks in heavy conditioner as it leaves it looking lank and flat, but often I have no choice. According to the website, the hollow design makes for easy, lightweight handling, and the rounded edges allows for smooth, free-flowing detangling.

To an extent, this is true – I certainly found it a lot easier to pull through my wet hair than other brushes, and my hair wasn’t left static or fluffy after drying. It’s a rather large brush with no handle, however, which meant I dropped it about four times as I was rushing to get ready. The Aqua Splash definitely does what it says on the tin, but I think it could do with a handle to make life a little easier – ‘non-slip’ it is not.

Next up was the palm-sized ‘Salon Elite’, which promises to deliver firm, salon style brushstrokes from roots to ends thanks to an innovative centralised concave design. I found this much easier to use than the Aqua Splash, as it was smaller and the perfect shape for my hand. Though it’s designed for dry hair, I tested it on my hair when wet too, and it did not work as well, proving that the Aqua Splash really does do the job. My hair certainly felt more under control after trying the Salon Elite – great for brushing your hair through when blow-drying in the morning.

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