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REVIEW – ‘From Catwalk to Cover – A Front Row Seat’ at The Fashion & Textile Museum, London

From Catwalk to Cover, The Fashion and Textile Museum, FashionBiteIf you’re interested in the fashion industry; from photography, journalism, blogging, hair/make-up styling, modeling…this is a definite must-see exhibition! Located at The Fashion & Textile Museum, on the fabulous Bermondsey Street (about a 10 minute walk from London Bridge), the exhibition focuses on the work of four catwalk photographers and showcases the buzz of a catwalk show – from backstage to front row and street style.

From Catwalk to Cover, The Fashion and Textile Museum, FashionBiteBermondsey Street in itself is a fantastic road, you may not be aware of it if you don’t live in London (or know the area well) but it’s well worth a visit. Packed full of gorgeous restaurants, cafes, independent shops and galleries – it has a great vibe to it. And about half way down is the Fashion & Textile Museum, founded by British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

The ‘From Catwalk to Cover’ exhibition covers all aspects of the fashion show, leading you on a journery through The Front Row (which looks at the association between a designer and celebrity ‘ambassador’), The Editors (how fashion editors guide the style of a publication through the designers/clothing they pick) and The Catwalk (tracing the first catwalk shows in the couture houses of 19th century Paris). It also looks at the role of Buyers, Backstage, Street Style and Model Style, all through the eyes of photographers Kirstin Sinclair (who also curated the exhibition), Matthew Lever, Philip Meech and Chris Moore.

Freelance fashion journalist Hilary Alexander said: “Being in the front row is like a thousand-and-one-first-nights! A seat at the Opera, the Ballet, the Theatre. When the lights go down you never know what is going to happen or what you are going to see….”

From Catwalk to Cover, The Fashion and Textile Museum, FashionBiteThe Fashion & Textile Museum said viewers will get an insight into the “often chaotic world that makes up the apparently glamorous fashion shows we see on TV and in magazines.” It added: “Through the images displayed we can also reflect on just how much the shows themselves have evolved before technology leaps forward yet again to reveal a new form of capturing the moment and we get to take out our own seat in the front row.”

From Catwalk to Cover, The Fashion and Textile Museum, FashionBiteFrom Catwalk to Cover, The Fashion and Textile Museum, FashionBiteI loved the oversized images of lips and eyes taken backstage at various fashion shows – they’d look amazing hung up on the walls!

FashionBite’s View

I loved looking around the exhibition, but it felt slightly strange because it’s all so familiar – backstage at fashion shows, street style…etc. It was curated by a photographer, so it of course focused on the work of the four key photographers, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more about the editorial/show side, maybe a big pile of Fashion Week press passes/magazines or possibly big TV’s screening a bunch of catwalk shows on loop. If you’re entrenched in the fashion world, you may find the description’s a tad obvious but as an introduction to the various aspects of the catwalk show it’s very good. And if you are entrenched in the fashion scene, it’s worth going to see for all the amazing images.

‘From Catwalk to Cover – A Front Row Seat’ is running until February 26th at the Fashion & Textile Museum.

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  1. Vicki Sait says:

    Loved your review. I’m going to visit this exhibition tomorrow with my university to write our own fashion review, and I was just doing some background research first and though I’d see what other people thought of the exhibition.
    I just wanted to mention that I noticed you’ve said the curator was Kristin Sinclair, rather than Kirstin Sinclair.

  2. fashionbite says:

    Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for your comment (and for spotting the spelling error- have amended now!) I hope you enjoy the exhibition! Which uni are you at/what are you studying?
    FB xx

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