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WIN: XBox 360 ‘Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’ DVD plus glam goodies


Congratulations to Tracy Nixon from Tyne and Wear for winning!

Your Shape Fitness DVD, FashionBiteFashionBite has a fab workout DVD for the XBox 360 to giveaway ‘Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’, courtesy of the lovely folks at Nivea, plus some glam goodies from Ann Summers…

The DVD is like having a personal trainer in your front room. I gave it a go at Nivea’s blogger event a week or so ago, which was brilliant, and the game’s great fun.

Thanks to the new 3D Microsoft Kinect camera technology, the programme is able to measure your vital statistics and create a real time version of you on the TV screen. The contoller free system then tracks your body as you work out showing your every movement on the screen. There are three main elemants to the programme: Personal Training, Fitness Classes and Fun Gym Challenges.

In addition, FB has some glam goodies from the revamped Ann Summers including leopard top hold-ups, matching nail art and designer false eyelashes alongside ‘Sex and the City’ night time make-up.

To enter the competition, simply answer this question by posting a comment in the box below.

Q. Who would be your ideal workout partner?

For me, I think it would have to be Tracy Anderson- if she can sculpt bodies likes Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez…I think she would be a good one to work with!

A winner will be picked at random after midnight on Sunday June 12th and notified by email.

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  1. Deanna says:

    My ideal work out partner would have to be Michael McIntyre! we could have a right giggle while getting fit 🙂

  2. Sarah Wray says:

    Somebody not too thin (so I don’t look bad in comparison) and who would have a good giggle – maybe Caroline Quentin or Vanessa Feltz

  3. Mrs. Franklin says:

    I would train with Jeff Speakman becuase he is the ultimate weapon, the master of Kendo and self defense.
    He is one of my idols.

    Perfect way to get in shape but learn “the best” self defense techniques as well 🙂

  4. Claire Tattersall says:

    Hmm Keith Lemon! Would certainly make exercising a bit more entertaining! lol

  5. Damian Staniforth says:

    my ideal work out partner would be jessie j she could sing my work out theme well i worked out and just watched her!

  6. Linda Osborne says:

    It has to be Mr. Motivator, because i need all the motivation i can get….

  7. Pamela Gossage says:

    Johnny Depp

  8. Sarah Eggleton says:

    Anna Kournikova – I dont think shes ever been out of shape!!

  9. rebecca Matthews says:

    My Ideal workout partner would be Thierry Henry. Not only is he my ideal man i’d be willing to do anything for him including getting my body super fit and being a professional footballer i’m sure he knows how to shape me up 😉

  10. Lorna says:

    David Gandy!

    Have you seen the D&G campaigns? He looks like a greek god 😀

  11. Coralie Pearson says:

    Alan Carr….a workout with laughter too.

  12. Rhonda says:

    John Cusack because looking at him would take my mind off the pain and he can always give me a cheeky rub down afterwards lol 😉

  13. Iain Riddle says:

    Good ol’ Davina 🙂

  14. Amelia Royle says:

    George Clooney … and, hopefully, he’d think of other (far more enjoyable) ways of keeping fit ;-0

  15. e.malcolm says:

    Michelle Obama. She’s a very inspirational person and blimey, it would be nice to go back to HER house for a cup of tea, wouldn’t it?!!!

  16. Tracy Nixon says:

    Ooooo Robbie Williams!!!! I’d be rocking around the clock with him!!! He must have lots of stamina with all the dancing and singing he does up on stage!!! I always have a bit of a ‘bop’ when I hear his songs on the radio too!!!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I have shared on facebook (Tracy Nixon MSE) and tweeted (@TracyNixon). I am a fan and a follower and a subscriber too!

  17. Julie Davies says:

    I would have to pick Bridget Jones …if she can do it anyone can 😀

  18. kerry says:

    i would love to work out with Pink,she has a great body and voice.

  19. Georgina Ball says:

    Johnny Depp, mmmmmm.

  20. Natasha O says:

    Rihanna. Because… um, she’s hot!

  21. Florida Callander says:

    Jason Sratchan

  22. Sarah Laycock says:

    James Corden – we could struggle together….!

  23. Elaine Hope says:

    I would have to agree with Tracy Anderson – i need all the help I can get and a tough trainer to boot!

  24. susannah brown says:

    shayne ward as im a big fan he would get me in a sweat just watching him workout id sweat of pounds with him 🙂

  25. Clare Webb says:

    Angelina Jolie – Just to make me work harder to get the body she has 🙁

  26. lisa johnston says:

    oprah obama as he seems down to earth but would be strict also

  27. louise howgego says:

    Would have to be Davina McCall – she always looks great so whatever it is she does is obviously working well

  28. Lakshmi says:

    I’d say Johnny Depp, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep my hands to myself. 😉 :rotfl:

  29. Hannah Baker says:

    Dawn French – she wouldn’t show me up and i’d burn even more calories through laughing!

  30. emma Cella says:

    Mr. Motivator

  31. Lucy Martin says:

    I would love to work out with Johnny Depp and work on the pelvic floor exercises mainly x

  32. siobhanmarieg says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Davina Mc Call, as she is hilarious-so it would be a good laugh, and not feel so tedious! Also, that woman is RIPPED!

  33. RACHEL MURRAY says:

    It would be my mum.
    Basically, me and my mum have been trying to loose weight and we’ve both never had anyone to push us and keep us on track (we live 200 miles away from each other) and she stayed up for a few weeks and within in that time we both motivated each other and helped each other and we did really well 🙂

    My mum went home and we carried on doing well but after a few weeks of mum being back at hers it kind of drifted out again.

    We’ve decided that we are the best motivation for each other 🙂 The ideal workout/fitness/diet buddy 🙂

    (Love you mum x)

  34. JAMES HOLYLAND says:


  35. Clementina says:

    Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club. He’ll soon get me into shape 😉

  36. Cathryn Smethurst says:

    Robert Webb – Ever since his version of Flashdance, I have thought he would be the ideal work out partner. He would make me laugh and get me going!!!

  37. Joanne B says:

    Gotta be Tracey Anderson – I’m thinking along that same lines as you! lol

  38. Paul Wilson says:

    Kelly Brook

  39. Laura Cope says:

    Barack Obama I know he works out and there are loads of questions I could ask him that would pass the time during a workout and maybe I could ask him him for a job after all us Brits have an essential relationship with the US.

  40. Johnny Vegas – I might have half a chance of keeping up with him, and the thought of not doing so would keep me motivated

  41. marcus says:

    bevely callalard

  42. Miss Natalie Wallace says:

    Robbie williams because I think he would make it enjoyable and fun and I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off him.

  43. Joanna Wren says:

    David Beckham would be my workout favourite if you know what I mean

  44. Ben Haines says:

    It is thought Chuck Norris trained not The Rock, Arnold Shwarzenegger and the SAS.

    So it’d have to be him.


  45. Teresa Lee says:

    Vin Diesel

  46. Phillip says:


  47. Alice Hindley says:

    Ryan (oops am I allowed to say that) Giggs

  48. Baldwin Ho says:

    My girlfriend of course! She would make sure there’s no slacking in the gym 🙂

  49. Adasi Miskiewicz says:

    Anna Kournikova – She’s the new trainer on the Biggest loser. That would be good enough for me!

  50. alan mcveigh says:

    jenifer aniston

  51. sylvi says:

    Tracy Anderson

  52. Nicola says:

    Johnny Depp

  53. Ene says:

    Definitely Tracy Anderson!

  54. Rebecca Ferris says:

    Russel Howard. I find him hilarious and I think that would distract me!

  55. Carrie-ann says:

    Errrrm ‘The Hoff’. He actually makes my skin crawl BUT I had a really random dream about him, can’t get him out my head. Maybe seeing him in lycra, dripping sweat might cure me. On the other hand, I fear I may be having nightmares tonight after that vision *vom*



  57. Kasia says:

    Jennifer Aniston

  58. Sarah Oxford says:

    Ooh it’d have to be Jillian Michaels. I need someone to shout at me if i slack off!

  59. Gareth Hughes says:

    Jet from gladiators…my childhood crush and no woman has lived up since(still single lol)

  60. Karen Carpenter says:

    Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser USA. Her workouts are so tough, she would keep me on the straight and narrow!

  61. Sarah Anguish says:

    Peter Kay

  62. Caroline Maffia says:

    Ah Johnny Depp, We could wobble run down the beach together like he does in his new film. Perfect for bottom toning.

  63. alison wakefield says:

    It would have to be It would have to be Johnie Vegas because it would be such a laugh with him and he has lost loads of weight so he knows what to do.

  64. Gemma says:

    Jillian Michaels from the USA Biggest Loser because I know there is no way I would DARE give up if she was beside me!!! i’d be whittled down to the perfect body in no time under her guidance lol 🙂

  65. Mandy Twumasi says:

    RUSSELL BRAND..Have a laugh as well as getting a great workout….

  66. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’d go for Matthew Morrison from Glee. Not only is he really fit but he could start singing to you when you got bored x

  67. David Prince says:

    Got to be Cher

  68. Glenn Hutton says:

    My ideal work out partner would have to be Nina Dobrev, because as she would give me the energy to do anything without breaking a sweat just to look cool! ;0)

  69. Tanya Blackburn says:

    Mine would have to be Davis Beckham. I would certainly do anything he asked!

  70. Angela Walker says:

    David Hasslehoff

  71. Andrea Doherty says:

    Ryan Giggs, allegedly very fit!

  72. Chris James says:

    Santa Claus as he would make me look good and we’d have a merry time!

  73. graham nichols says:

    kylie minogue,wouldn’t need a stereo she could sing for me

  74. M Evans says:

    Nigella Lawson

  75. liz denial says:

    My perfect workout partner would have to be Keith Lemon. I’m disabled so can’t do exercise but he would be great for laughtercise, it’s like jogging on the inside 🙂

  76. Pete A says:

    Homer Simpson – beer and donuts clearly the way forward

  77. Adele Hill says:

    Someone to make me laugh through the pain
    Alan Carr

  78. Lucy says:

    My best bud – I’m sure she wouldn’t laugh too hard at my pathetic efforts (YEAH RIGHT!!!) plus she’s got her wedding to shape up for so I’m sure she’s full of determination!!

  79. Judy Wright says:

    Davina, she’d make me laugh and encourage me. I love her DVD’s!

  80. Christine Temlett says:

    Dawn French her jokes are fab and would soon help me loose my flab!

  81. Georgie Bean says:

    Well i’m a huge Guns ‘n’ Roses fan so i’d love the chance to chat away with Slash or Axl Rose during a workout, i’m sure i’d hear some very interesting excercise routines 🙂 xx

  82. Abigail Craig says:

    Lady Gaga – she has an amazing body and her dancing is very motivational. She would inspire me to work hard 🙂

  83. kelly smith says:

    my ideal workout partner would b pink as she seems a good laugh and shes cool x

  84. Svetlana says:

    agree with Tracy Anderson

  85. Joanne Alexander says:

    David Cameron because I could go jogging with him at the end of a pier and stop before he does. Or maybe do boxercise with him and get a good jab on his nose. 😉

  86. clare barber says:

    my fitness partner would gerrard butler, i would have a good old look when he bent down!!

  87. JAN says:

    (i know he isn’t with us anymore but wow
    what a dancer!!!)

  88. Lyndsey Colgan says:

    Michael McIntyre – he’d be a right laugh!

  89. Sue Coggin says:

    Sean Bean – he’s so Sharpe…

  90. Kate Matthews says:

    Tracey Anderson – she has worked/moulded some of the hottest looking celebrities of the moment.

  91. Ann says:

    Lorraine Kelly

  92. Natelle Arnold says:

    It would have to be someone fun but strict exceriser so I would choose Davina McCall she has fab tummy muscles and it would spare me on x

  93. Judy says:

    Eddie Izzard – he could make me laugh so much I wouldn’t notice the exercise, and maybe I could run a marathon one day!!


    Richard Armitage – always good to have something nice to look at while working out!

  95. jemma price says:

    mr bean we would have an hilourious adventure.

  96. sharon hughes says:

    peter andre- im a mysterious girl- although some say strange not mysterious…..

  97. Margaret says:

    The Queen – We could have a good goss, she’d of course let me in on all the family/state goss…. I’m so unfit that i need to exercise with an oap just so i ‘fit in’ 😉

  98. Lisa Rowsell says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Mr Motivator as there’s no way that he wouldn’t be able motivate me with his zest for keeping fit.

  99. Beth Fenn says:

    Bob Harper – I’ve seen what he can do for people and would love to train with him!

  100. Rachel says:

    Would have to be George Clooney

  101. Nicola says:

    Kerry Katona – She works very hard and I think shes fab!

  102. Alison E says:

    Jennifer Aniston because she seems really nice and she is so super slim, it would definitely keep me from sneaking in the odd twix here and there!

  103. Vivien Baird says:

    Would have to be Johnny Depp.

  104. Lori Darling says:

    Johnny Depp – all dressed up as Jack Sparrow, we’d have a swashbucklingly good workout

  105. Anna M says:

    It would have to be Jeremy Clarkson for me. 1. I’m not going to look too unfit next to him. 2. He would certainly inject some fun and laughter into the occasion. Somehow, I doubt the gym is somewhere he frequents 🙁

  106. Samantha Blake says:

    Alan Carr – Although i get the feeling the only work out I will be doing is working out my vocal cords due to laughing!

  107. trudy says:

    Robbie Williams, because hes cheeky, can sing and looks sesy would make it fun

  108. Jenny Price says:

    Dawn French would be great to work out with – not too serious, and a lot of weight to lose

  109. Mrs J says:

    My husband. He’s a PE tacher so he knows his stuff but he’d push me hard without being too scary.

  110. Emma says:

    David Beckham – those abs would definitely provide some inspiration and motivation!

  111. SJ says:

    Michael McIntyre his hop, skip and jumping stage routine, really should be made into an exercise video

  112. lucy carthew says:

    It would have to be wolverine!! A lovely distraction to look at between push-ups;)

  113. kayleigh white says:

    My ideal get fit partner would have to be Orlando Bloom because he is gorgeous and i would WANT to get fit just to be around him….:)

  114. Jenny Moore says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Davina McCall, she’s got continuous energy and would keep me motivated, would be a great laugh as well 🙂

  115. Kirsten says:

    Davina McCall – I think she wouldn’t rest until I, a confirmed couch potato, would finally start working out and stick with it

  116. Emma Barron says:

    none other than my sexy bofy of course

  117. Immortal Beloved says:

    I would work out with my kids. We’d most probably laugh so much that it would be fun rather than hard work!

  118. Kimberley Stone says:

    Initially I thought….hmmmmmm Peter Andre, but I suspect I would be too distracted to work out properly! So I would probably choose Mark Anthony

  119. Kelly-Marie D says:

    Ummm, I think Bradley Cooper would be ideal. However, I’d probably just sit back and watch…

  120. Solange says:

    Lady Gaga

  121. Hannah Rees says:

    Jennifer Ennis, she has a spectacular body, hopefully she could give me some tips to get that amazing stomach!

  122. Karen Walkden says:

    ruth jones aka nessa from gavin and stacey , we could gee each other on 🙂

  123. Lyn Cambridge says:

    I’d happily work on my abs if David Beckham was facing me doing my stomach crunches – aaaaaah!!

  124. Stuart Underdown says:

    Jillian Michaels from the US version of The Biggest Loser. She’s tough and would whip me into shape.

  125. Keith C says:

    Holy Willoughby :p

  126. Lynda Jones says:

    Hi my ideal workout partner would be Ruby Wax because she has the right idea and does not take herself too seriously. The bonus would be she would not make me look too fat, and we could have a good laugh getting fit 😛

  127. Stephen wilsonleach says:

    Gail Porter

  128. melvis says:

    Joshua Jackson – I could work out with him ANY day!! ;D xx

  129. Julie Henderson says:

    keith lemon without a doubt – even the jokes would have me shedding pounds with laughing so much

  130. NICOLA HARTLEY says:

    Johnny Depp would get me moving!! oh lala

  131. Gavin says:

    I don’t think Jessica Ennis would break a sweat before I was passed out on the floor.

  132. Emily says:

    My ideal workout partner would be samuel L. Jackson cause if I didn’t work out enough, chances are he’d probably shoot me… lol x)

  133. Luisa says:

    Alan Sugar….. would i get fired for not working hard enough? You bet!

  134. ceri morgan says:

    Just me and Davina. Many celebs and come and gone but I turn to her DVD’s on a regular basis.

  135. Heather Shaw says:

    My ideal work out partner would have to be nicole richie. she has an amazing body – and two kids!

  136. Tim Bateson says:

    My ideal work out partner would be James Cracknell as he never gives up!

  137. tracey scott says:

    my ideal partner would be peter kay cos he would make me laugh so much it would be fun exercising rather than torture!

  138. Susie says:

    Jennifer Hudson – she certainly seems to have the secret!

  139. Nadia Mitab says:

    Defininetly Pippa Middleton… she has a great body!!

  140. katrina walsh says:

    Leland Chapman: the beautiful son and colleague of Dog The Bounty Hunter. Beautiful, muscular, fit and a nice guy! what more could a girl want?

  141. Christine Johnson says:

    My ideal partner would be Jane Fonda with a body like hers at her age she most be doing something right

  142. NATALIE BRADLEY says:

    Would have to be tom jones he got some good moves 🙂

  143. claire willmer says:

    Well i have to say i already have my perfect workout partner in my husband in the last few weeks we have started training together once the little one has gone to bed its great as its so much fun spending time together and getting fit at the same time! He is great at pushing me to do just that little bit more when normally i would just give up! God knows i need the motivation he gives me otherwise i would happily just lie on the sofa lol 🙂 Its great to get the praise from each other too and the results make it all worth while 😉

  144. Ellie Peabody says:

    Dawn French – so we both could have a laugh!! 🙂

  145. Isabelle Smith says:

    Jedward because we’d have a fun time. Abosutley love those guys! x

  146. JULIE PANNELL says:


  147. Robin Brooksbank says:

    Holly Willoughby

  148. David Wyatt says:

    Katherine Jenkins She could sing to me Before I passed out

  149. Emma says:

    Kerry Katona. I think she’s someone to have a laugh with whilst working out 🙂

  150. Hannah D says:

    Tyson Beckford. He can work out with me any time. Yes, please :o)

  151. Kristian says:

    Holly Willoughby : )

  152. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Greg Wallace – at least he could shout loudly at me

  153. jessica hughes says:

    My ideal work out partner would be Jennifer aniston as she has always had a amazing body yet always seems to be herself. In one of her rescent movies with Adam sandler she beats the younger model hands down on looks, she is a all round amazing person!

  154. iain maciver says:

    cheryl cole

  155. Margaret Lycett says:


  156. Yasmine Woolley says:

    My perfect workout partner would have to be Kate Middleton, as she has such a fantastic figure and we could gossip about the Royal family!

  157. Naomi says:

    George Clooney..just because!

  158. carla maloney says:

    It would be Madonna ! Id be too scared not to do what she said!! ;)))))

  159. It would have to be the hoff,he fizzes with energy,we’d be fit in no time,and ooooooo what fun…………..

  160. Jay says:

    Gwynneth Paltrow – I’ve seen her workout clips, and she gets just as red and sweaty as I do!

  161. lynda rainsford says:

    I think for me it would have to be Ryan Giggs, seems he’s a bit of a pro at given a good workout

  162. Owen says:

    Rocky Balboa! If he can’t motivate you then you must be a corpse.

  163. tamara Payne says:

    Dawn French – I would feel good about my size before we started.

  164. Robyn-Lee Murphy says:

    Kim Kardashian…she would give me the motivation I need to get a booty like hers!

  165. laura stewart says:

    i would like to do a work out with brad pitt

  166. suzzee langton says:

    Steven Segal/…..I adore him and all his …..ahem…muscles!

  167. Kelly Koya says:

    Wentworth Miller !

  168. nicola bull says:

    for me it would have to be jane fonda if she’s still up to it, my goodness did she make you workout with her videos

  169. claire woods says:

    phillip schofield.

  170. whoupingu says:

    dr dre

  171. Rowena Miles says:

    Would have to be George Clooney. ideal

  172. donald macdonald says:

    Alexandra Burke or the fabulous Beverley Knight. They are both hot and fit but enjoy working out and having fun while doing it. An added bonus would be the singalong afterwards!!

  173. Sam Stevens says:

    Michael Buble. a singing workout for sure!

  174. Sarah Lyons says:

    Micheal McIntyre all the way!! What a laugh 🙂

  175. sarah davison says:

    dawn french – someone on the larger side and someone to have a good laugh with while working out

  176. Gavin Riley says:

    I think it would have to be scarlett johansson!

  177. leanne says:

    mine would have to be smithy from gavin and stacey, as id loose weight and get fit just laughing at him

  178. mia vine says:

    it would have to be my lovely husband, cos he’s the only persons opinion on my body, that i care about

  179. Diane says:

    I would love to work out with michael Mcintyre. He would make me laugh so it wouldn’t feel like hard work

  180. david cavender says:

    It would have to be Jenni Falconer from Itv-she’s so fit!

  181. Claire D says:

    Johnny Depp

  182. I would train with Jeff Speakman becuase he is the ultimate weapon, the master of Kendo and self defense.
    He is one of my idols.
    Perfect way to get in shape but learn “the best” self defense techniques as well

  183. My ideal partner would be Robson Green, he makes me laugh on extreme fishing and I would love to see his peachy bum in lycra.

  184. rena plumridge says:

    Frank Lampard so I can gaze Hmm!

  185. Hannah Rowley says:

    my best friend sarah

  186. Sarah Spencer says:

    It is most definately Brad Pitt

  187. hannah evans says:

    I would love James Corden to work out with me – neither of us are the thinnest of people but he would make me laugh so much that at least my stomach would tone up quickly! His enthusiasm never fails!

  188. Kim says:

    Ooooh it has to be… Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’d get hot and sweaty, and be panting just looking at him lol.

  189. Lee Marsh says:

    Simon Cowell, at least he would tell me the truth when im not trying hard enough!

  190. I would love robson green as hes great in extreme fishing and his peachy bum would look good in lycra.

  191. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    My ideal work out partner would have to be Davina Mcall, she has a fab figure and Ive followed her dvd before

  192. lorraine rogers says:

    my ideal work out partner would be David Beckham he is motivated, fit and easy on the eye. What an inspiration to work out

  193. vicky haddock says:

    Gary Barlow, still got the moves from watching him last night

  194. keiran crocker says:

    Mr motivator, for the pure comedy value!

  195. Rachael Lines says:

    Mine would be my partner, (sad to name him I know) but the only excercise he takes is lifting his cup of tea to his lips. 🙁

  196. Yolanda Barker says:

    anyone who can get me motivated – im not fussy

  197. Laura Sterling says:

    i work out with Jonny Depp

  198. Judith (from Israel) says:

    My ideal workout partner would be my best friend who lives two hours away. Every morning, I work out at my house and she works out at her house – to the same exercise program on TV.

  199. Michael says:

    I would love to train with Mr Motivator. When I was a kid I used to watch him on GMTV and I thought he was God ! I would always feel lazy after watching one of his workout’s that’s for sure !

  200. Alan OHara says:

    Johnny Vegas, forget the workout and go for a Guinness

  201. linda wiles says:

    someone a little bit lazy like me

  202. Claire Butler says:


  203. Sean says:

    jlo! swit swooooo

  204. Kerrie says:

    michael buble please!!!

  205. ruthio says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Mr Motivator just because he was beyond cool in his bright stripey leotards 🙂

  206. michelle says:

    Harvey Walden, he used to do Celebrity fit club, he would probably make me cry but hopefuly whip me intop shape too!

  207. Cathy James says:

    robbie william **swoon** lol

  208. michael simmons says:

    like to have a work out with the guy that trains hugh jackman.get a body like his

  209. Gary Humphrey says:

    lady gaga

  210. Sarah Hay says:

    Wouldn’t mind a dance workout with Artem Chigvintsev 🙂

  211. lucy kenney says:

    Steven Hall (Britains Got Talent)……..oh how funny that would be!! 🙂

  212. Lisa Ellison says:

    My hubby, it would be nice to get him off of the sofa.

  213. Sam Love says:


  214. Rebecca Jones says:

    Would have to be Russel Howard – just for the entertainment value!

  215. Ken Brown says:

    Terry Pratchett – don’t care about the work out, would just love to meet the man.

  216. Donna Wilks says:

    Jillian Michaels

  217. Angela Grocott says:

    Dawn French, as we are both single, fun, bubbley, cute, cuddley and now losing weight. This is after years of enjoying choclate and getting excerise by ordering take aways on the phone!
    Whow Dawn and I need to get out there with our new bodies and see if it make any difference for market research!

  218. Louise Allen says:

    Definitely Max & Paddy – one knows what he’s doing, the other will keep you giggling through the workout!

  219. joanne ogden says:

    my ideal fitness partner would be louie spence what a laugh we would have and all his energy lol

  220. Leigh Larkin says:

    Colin Firth. Delicious but not so buff he would make me feel bad!

  221. Teresa Tucker says:

    Barry manilow, who ‘nose’ what might happen!

  222. Jayz268 says:

    Dawn French, she is so funny, we wouldn’t notice the aches and pains for laughing!

  223. Yvonne says:

    Dawn French – same age, same shape, same craving for chocolate!

  224. Deborah Marlow says:

    The queen

  225. Linda Bird says:

    Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries) – absolutely gorgeous!

    …….and always up for a quick ‘bite’ after workout!

  226. Geoffrey Anderson says:

    Richard Simmons – I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing at him the whole time, and that would seriously be good for my abs.

  227. James Benford says:

    Ryan Giggs – That way i’ll be able to keep my eye on him and know that he wont be getting it on with my misses!!!

  228. Shaz says:

    Michael Weatherly

  229. Raj Sandhu says:

    Cheryl Cole :0)

  230. Michelle Butterworth says:

    David Ginola… Nothing better to look at while working out and hes super fit too!

  231. pawel wojtowicz says:

    Mariah Carey, but 20 years ago please 🙂

  232. Frances Heaton says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Peter Kaye.

    We would be rolling over laughing and the weight would just roll off.

  233. joanna boberska says:

    funny guy like Keith Lemon

  234. helena haddock says:

    Peter Andre

  235. Sam says:

    James Cordon, i imagine it would be a lot of fun

  236. Alison says:

    Stephen Seagal

  237. Becky Williams says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Jason Statham oooh yes 🙂

  238. gabrielle svensson says:

    i agree with you, Tracy Anderson would be a good work-out partner

  239. alice lightning says:

    nicholas cage

  240. Rachel Jones says:


  241. Dawn Addams says:

    Billy Connelly would be my idea partner, he would make me laugh so much I would forget the pain of exercise!

  242. Julie says:

    Davina McCall

  243. Jennifer Stokes says:

    John Bishop – he’s fit and we could have a right good laugh!!!

  244. claire says:

    David Beckham 🙂

  245. Sarah Evans says:

    Daley Thompson – he’s still fit!

  246. michelle thompson says:

    keith lemon!

  247. Linda Brooks says:

    My niece – she’s only 15 but she’s a black belt in Tai Kwando!

  248. Allan Fullarton says:

    Lemmy (from Motorhead)

  249. Matt Warman says:

    My perfect work out person would be Jensen Ackles (supernatural)
    Im sure I could manage to burn a few extra calories if he was about 😉

  250. Karen says:

    Got to be Dawn French x

  251. renee says:

    definately Jillian from the biggest loser. i need someone strict to keep me going!

  252. Hayley Fountain says:

    simon cowell

  253. Julia Briscoe says:

    Mine would be Jennifer Aniston because I think she would be good company as well.

  254. Katie Bancroft says:

    Me, Bradley Cooper and the music thumping – definitely the best way to get my heat pumping!

  255. Lisa King says:

    For me it would have to be Natalie Cassidy as she shed tons and looked great

  256. Sheila Maxwell says:

    David Beckham

  257. ian burt says:

    got to be the wife. she would never believe id got there unless she could see for herself!!!

  258. Paul Witney says:

    I would choose Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser. She’s mean but she gets results.

  259. Carol Phile says:

    John Barrowman – gorgeous to look at, really really funny but did you see him on Do You Think You Can Dance? Talk about strict! He wouldn’t let you slack off…wow!

  260. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    I would love to do a workout with Gina D’Campo – he could cook for me afetrwards and I could spend the day drooling over him x

  261. Sara Waldon says:

    Peter Andre that would be exciting

  262. Saj Farid says:

    If you asked me a year ago it would be Megan Fox, but now its gotta be Pippa Middleton, I would be watching her like a hawk

  263. Corrin says:

    OOh David Beckham, would definitely keep my attention!

  264. john morey says:

    Cherl cole of course

  265. Cat G. says:

    Julie Walters, I just re-watched Mama mia she would be such a laugh

  266. Hazel Powell says:

    It would have to be the original work out queen of course…Jane Fonda!

  267. Gillian Byford says:

    Rhod Gilbert, I’d be laughing so much, I wouldn’t realise I was exercising!

  268. Angie says:

    keith lemon, I’d laugh myself fit!

  269. donna turner says:

    Katy Perry as she seems a laugh and i like her music

  270. Siobhan C says:

    Lady gaga

  271. Heather says:

    Brad Pitt – oh yes

  272. Michelle Bamber says:

    Tom Hardy 🙂 mmmm don’t think i’d be able to concentrate on the excerises though

  273. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Usain Bolt. He is so fast and so fit but still eats chicken nuggets.

  274. Vicky Smith says:

    Mr. Motivator
    Retro, but he’s the man!

  275. Nicola Shipston says:

    nicole sherzinger
    She has got such an amazing body and whatever she does it works ! I want my body to look like that

  276. Lynda Woolnough says:

    Jane Fonda – If she can do it, so can I!

  277. Emma says:

    Vin diesel–yummy!!

  278. Alison Turner says:

    Jane Fonda if she can keep herself looking so gorgeous at her age then surely she can help make me look a bit better at mine 🙂

  279. sarah kirk says:

    Natalie Cassidy – she proves hard work gets good results

  280. rob tapson says:

    for me angelina jolie,dressed as lara croft. i know its a male fantasy but there you go !

  281. Heather Cunningham says:

    My favourite workout partner: Ryan Giggs 🙂

  282. Jacqueline Burton says:

    Katy Perry … what great music to exercise to!

  283. Tabita Witvliet says:

    My mum.

  284. Joanne Crosby says:

    Michael Kyle from My Wife and Kids.

  285. Kayley says:

    Angelina Jolie, she would inspire me to work out harder. With her being of a higher fitness level would it motivate me to work harder and add an element of competition. If her husband had to pick her up afterwards then so be it! 🙂

  286. Cheryll H says:

    My identical twin – it’s tough seeing your clone looking better than you so I would work harder 🙂

  287. Linda Arbuckle says:

    John Barrowman as he is gorgeous and funny – We would have such a laugh.

  288. J Hall says:

    Simon Cowell… so he can tell me how rubbish I am and how terribly unfit I am. That way I will be shamed into exercising!

  289. Daniella Abraham says:

    Gillian Michaels – She is tough and would make me burn that fat!

  290. Andrena Harrison says:

    Ricky Gervais – whatever he’s doing is working and he could train me up to look as good as him now!! And we could laugh our way through the pain!!

  291. Toni-Marie Foster says:

    Johnny Depp.. Just him being there would give me the motivation to keep going & get fit 😉

  292. Maxine Wetherall says:

    Vin Diesel

  293. Sara Friend says:

    Stephen Fry – he would definitely struggle so I wouldn’t feel so bad!

  294. emma jones says:

    mine would be andrew “freddie” flintoff, some eye candy to keep me going on the workout and after we’ve worked out .. maybe we could work out some more

  295. Ruth Worthington says:

    Alan Carr, probably on the same fitness level !

  296. Kelly Hooper says:

    Dawn French as I still remember the work out sketch she and jennifer saunders did once which had me in stitches

  297. Laura Barrett says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Jason Manford. He could make me laugh while we were doing weights

  298. meena says:

    it would have to be beyonce

  299. Michelle Williams says:

    Keith Lemon, he would keep me laughing

  300. James Andrews says:

    Kylie !!

  301. Lorraine Foster says:

    Jason Statham

  302. Andrea says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Helen Mirren – I’d love to look as good as her when I’m her age.

  303. Melanie White says:

    John Bishop – He makes me laugh so the exercise wouldn’t seem so bad

  304. Matt Brooks says:

    Deanne Berry from the call on me music video

  305. Stacey Schofield says:

    My ideal work out partner would be Richard Callendar from Biggest Loser. *drooools*

  306. Rebecca Denyer says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Cameron Diaz as she has an amazing body and would be a good laugh too. Nothing could be more motivating then working out with someone with such a good body

  307. Mary Johnston says:

    It would probably be Lady Gaga. The experience would definately not be boring!! And seeing her amazing figure would encourage me to keep going no matter how dificult it would get

  308. Sharon says:

    I’d shape up with Shearer anytime!

  309. Rachel King says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Thierry Henry – I’m sure I would have to work hard to follow him, and when I’m exhausted I can ogle his backside!

  310. Miranda Holman says:

    Derren Brown so he could hynotise me to exercise without realising it LOL

  311. Melanie Gardiner says:

    My workout partner would be James Corden – we can burn off the calories giggling.

  312. Emma Farrell says:

    Heather Peace

  313. My ideal work out partner would be my husband. However, I think hell might freeze over before he goes the gym with me…

  314. Robyn Clarke says:

    Eva Longoria. Wanting a body like hers would definately keep me motivated

  315. Claire Sims says:

    Peter Kaye cos I reckon he would be just as useless as me to start with and we could just have a good giggle trying

  316. Kathryn says:

    Jillian Michaels. For the sheer fear factor.

  317. Nancy Townsend says:

    My husband – we would both have a laugh

  318. Amanda Carter says:

    Anyone who isn’t too fit so that i wouldn’t get left behind and someone who would make it fun

  319. Cindy Gillespie says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Captain Jack Sparrow
    I’d be all of a quiver like a bow fired arrow
    My X-Box would help to keep me so fit
    and he’d keep me sweet with his cuteness and wit

  320. Joanne says:

    Freddie Ljungberg..I’m sure I don’t need to explain why..

  321. Alison S says:

    Vernon Kay because he would be great to look at and I should image some great conversations!

  322. Eve L says:

    It HAS to be…. Mr. Motivator. Bring on the leotards!

  323. Vanessa says:

    Tom Cruise mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  324. Pauline Appleton says:

    Mr Motivator, hes fun and makes it more interesting

  325. claire green says:

    oooh tough question…i could do with a good workout, but I don’t want a boring one!
    Maybe working out with the boys from Blue would good…they could sing to me, be good eye candy and certainly make me sweat lol!!

  326. Sarah Baines says:

    my ideal workout partner would be Will Smith because he’s hot plus would be motivation as wouldn’t want to appear out of shape 🙂

  327. Nicola P says:

    mine would be Mr. Motivator!

  328. Aileen says:

    Urs Bühler. One look at that gorgeous body and all my pain would be forgotten!

  329. James Holyland says:

    sylvestor stallone

  330. Joanne Blunt says:

    I would love to work out with Davina McCall. I reckon she’d be great to have a natter to while having a good workout.

  331. Beth says:

    James Corden, at least he’d go at my pace!

  332. Vanessa says:

    Someone I could have a laugh with – Sarah Millican or Miranda Hart.

  333. Amanda Rose says:

    Tracy Anderson – she would make sure I stopped being a couch potato and get fab abs!

  334. R. Sellar says:

    I would excercise with a robot, that will give my stamina a right boot up the bottom.

  335. Caroline says:

    Someone like Prince Harry he seems like someone who would make me laugh while exercising

  336. melvis says:

    Davina McCall! I love her workouts on her DVDs, I think she’d be really good fun to work out with & she’d really keep me motivated! 😀 x

  337. Gwen Biviano says:

    Colleen Nolan – I’m sure I could keep up with her!!!!

  338. Cathy says:

    Chris Hemsworth (actor from Thor)… he can work out and I can watch!

  339. Cassie Bedford says:

    Davina McCall. She is always slim and works out hard! Think I would def get good results as well as a laugh along the way 🙂

  340. Dani Bright says:

    Davina McCall!

  341. ZOE SPINNER says:

    GILLIAN MICHAELS – From Biggest Loser. Well fit!!

  342. Carolina J. says:


  343. Andrew Craig says:

    Jessica Ennis

  344. TONY MICHEAL says:

    It has to be Mr. Motivator, because i need all the motivation i can get

  345. Susan Norminton says:

    Robbie williams….

  346. Brian Norminton says:

    myself.. Anybody else especiall someone sexy would put me off

  347. jen shaw says:

    Jane Fonda ! …. an older ladies choice !!!

  348. l dublin says:

    it would be john candy if he was still alive because he would make look good 🙂

  349. Kelly Foxley says:

    I would have to say Randy Couture, with his mixed martial arts and wrestling back ground I’d be super prepared for getting through the day with my lively 8 year old and my ‘cannot sit still’ Springer Spaniel.

  350. anita hancock says:

    i would like to workout with lee evans ,he is such a flexible man , im sure it would be fun and a experience of a life time

  351. Michelle Povey says:

    it would have to be the whole celebrity juice team with a small measure of louie spence and a large dose of David Beckham thrown in. Greedy moi?

  352. tracy ellis says:

    my perfect partner would have to be david hasslehoff as he would be a good motivator and you would be able to have a laugh with him too

  353. Chris Arnold says:

    Salvador Dali would be surreal…

  354. Catherine Williams says:

    Madonna – because I think she would scare me into exercising

  355. Hannah says:

    I’d choose Tracey Anderson – I have the DVDs, and think I might quit and chat to anyone else – but she wouldn’t let me! I need to abs more than I need a chat!

  356. Kerry-Ann Stanley says:

    Nell McAndrew – has always looked in great shape and healthy

  357. angie sandhu says:

    definately Michael Mcintyre!! He is hilarious and he has lost quite a bit of weight to it would be good to hear his secret!

  358. Chloe Cunningham says:

    The boys from Mcfly!! And it will be a completly different workout.. if you know what I mean! haha!

  359. Lynne Slatter says:

    Jamie Oliver – he’d be good company & could cook us something nice but healthy to replace all those burned calories

  360. Nicole Lewis says:

    If he was still alive then it would have been Bruce Lee!

  361. michelle mcallister says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Brad Pitt,I can think of lots of different workouts for us!!

  362. NIGELWV says:

    It would have to be Dawn French! what a laugh with her even lighter light entertainment

  363. Vivien says:

    Johnny Depp – he’d definitely get me motivated !

  364. Melissa Lee says:

    It would have to be Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser USA – I would be scared into moving!

  365. Nicole Shahsafdari says:

    Johnny Depp, when I get tired and need to rest I can stare at him! =)

  366. mrs sharron page says:

    It would be Elle McPherson – because she would ready work my ‘body’ out like hers.

  367. Bev Wilson says:

    my ideal workout partner would be Usher because he’s really fit!!!

  368. Tracey Tibbles says:

    My hubby because he loves & looks after me.

  369. Andrea Smith says:

    Russell Brand and Johnny Depp!!!

  370. Keith Banham says:

    Matthew Pinsent

  371. Gail Buckle says:

    David Beckham of course 🙂

  372. Pauline Lewer says:

    Anton du beke – he was so patient with Anne Widdecombe on Strictly and he is such a good laugh too.

  373. Carol Rowley says:

    Johny Depp

  374. Leonie Sanford says:

    Janet Jackson, just looking at her abs would motivate me

  375. charlotte says:

    I would pick mr t from the A Team, not the new/recent one the old/other one he’s cool and just what I would need

  376. Karin Hall says:

    It’s my daughter – I just have to learn to stop laughing about her too much (She’s only 22 months old) 🙂

  377. Yvonne Crossland says:

    John Barrowman!!!!

  378. Susanne ball says:

    As silly as it sounds it would be Michael McIntyre! I hate working out hence why I want this game to liven it up a bit…. And with all the laughter and entertainment Michael would deliver would be worth working out for!

  379. Rosalyn Forsey says:

    Bruce Willis !

  380. LORAINE DAY says:


  381. Karina Braekkan says:

    Gwen Stefani because she has a flat stomach and I want her to show me how to get one. 🙂

  382. Gemma Jones says:

    Dame Edna…that would be entertaining!

  383. Andrea K says:

    sylvestor stallone

  384. Mark Turner says:

    My ideal workout partner would be Scarlett Johannson as she could motivate anyone to get out of bed

  385. LISA says:

    tom cruise

  386. MARK says:

    cheryl cole

  387. RICHARD says:

    kelly brook

  388. Thelma says:

    matt damon

  389. THOMAS says:


  390. Christiane Bayliss says:

    Mr Muscle of course 😉

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