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Summer Beach Special – Holiday Hair

Rock inspired waves, holiday hair, FashionBite 1Rolled faux bob, holiday hair, FashionBite 2On-trend plait, holiday hair, FashionBiteLooking for summer holiday hair inspiration? FashionBite has teamed up with Air France for a ‘How To Holiday Hair Guide’ to get those key summer looks.

The word from the Paris runway this year was ‘easy glamour,’ with models sporting romantically undone, natural styles characterised by a rough centre parting and tousled texture. The classic bun deconstructed into a messy ‘up do’ was another style staple  – the perfect accessory to any stylish summer look.

At London Fashion Week, three key hair looks rocked the runways and FashionBite gives you the run-down on how to Get The Look…


It’s time to embrace the past with a 70’s revival – voluminous movement and tousled textures. Think combinations of disco fever flicks, un-kempt grunge lengths, and shaken up rock inspired waves. The trick is to keep it young, keep it fun and definitely keep it stylish.

As seen at… Giles Deacon, Betty Jackson and Jean-Pierre Braganza.

How to get rock-inspired waves:

• Prep the hair with extra strong mousse and blast dry to build texture
• Section the hair into two across the head at the crown
• Tong the front section in small sections away from the face with a centre parting and pin to set
• Tong the back upwards in larger sections and pin
• Just before you go out, take out pins and brush through, creating flicks and lift, secure using a hold and gloss spray


Vintage ‘worn-in’ styles create the ultimate elegant, night-time look. Pre-Raphaelite lengths romantically tucked behind ears with flirting wisps and 1920’s Marcel waves tumbling loosely around the neck line are firm favourites. For the ultimate period finish, regal and rolled ‘faux bobs’ with strong centre partings were seen in both London and Paris.

As seen at… Maria Francesca Pepe, Krystof Stroznya, Spijkers en Spijkers and Hermione de Paula.

How to get a rolled faux bob:

• Blow-dry the hair smooth using a volume mousse and place a strong centre parting in the hair
• Section the hair at the radial, take the front section and loop over ears and secure using elastic at the back of the head
• The remaining hair is rolled under and pinned into a ‘faux bob’ shape
• Finish with a shine mist and hairspray


Up-do’s are a must-do this season and braids/plaits came in all shapes and sizes on the catwalks- knotted, tangled, twisted and pinned into gravity defying shapes. From distressed static textures for that effortless Rapunzel style to modern knots for a sleek sculptured look – it’s the season to do the twist.

As seen at… Todd Lynn, Bora Aksu, Eudon Choi and Prophetik

How to get a distressed on-trend plait:

• Prep hair with a volume mousse and roughly dry to build texture
• Divide hair in two uneven sections and plait both from the back of the head forwards, close to the scalp and secure
• Distress the plait with the fingers to emphasise the texture
• Finish with a light coating of a hairspray and shine spray

For more info on how to create stunning holiday hair, see the online guide at

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