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Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules – the perfect winter pick me up

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

I’ve been using Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules for the last month and they’re great for dry, tired winter skin.

The pot is divided into two, with green coloured Lavender capsules for night time and pink coloured rose capsules for the morning. The Lavender and rose is blended with pure Moringa Oil, known for its unique anti-ageing properties, which is intended to help boost skin elasticity and renew cells.

I’ve been applying the oil-based capsules under my normal moisturiser for morning and evening and I love the feeling (and smell) of the nourishing oil on my skin. If you’re younger, a lot of the time fine lines around the eyes can be caused by skin dehydration and I have to say I was noticing quite a few around mine with lots of long days and late nights.

The Skin Bliss Capsules (£58) are great for winter as well, if central heating and late nights are drying out your skin- a pot contains a month’s supply so can really give your skin that extra boost it needs. Alternatively, if you’ve just come back from holiday and you’re skin’s feeling a bit dehydrated from the sun they can be great for that.

If, like me, you’re a fan of facial oils. I’ve just discovered iRejuvenate from Forest Secrets Skincare. It has two parts; Step 1 includes a patented Lupin seed extract- a product renowned for its ability to stimulate collagen and Step 2 contains a super-algae extract to help boost skin luminosity. Combined together, it says the two oils will reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 50%.

iRejuvenate Tryme Set from Forest Secrets Skincare

iRejuvenate Tryme Set from Forest Secrets Skincare

The great thing is, you can buy the two testers (left), which actually contain quite a lot of oil and enough for a week’s supply, for just £5 from the site at

So you can give the product a try before you properly buy!

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  1. Thank you Emily for the lovely review! Glad you like facial oils because they are a true skin elixir, especially in winter: they help to strengthen the skin barrier from the cold wind

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