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WIN: Leather boots from Duo worth £185 for FashionBite readers

Duo bootsDuo competition on FashionBite


Win a gorgeous pair of leather boots up to the value of £185 from fab footwear brand Duo.

Pick your favourite pair from a huge range of classic/contemporary leather boots- perfect for this season’s countryside/heritage look.

Then choose the perfect size, with over 36 sizes per style- boots range from 2-10 with 21 different calf widths…they’re virtually made to measure! Style with a camel cape or military jacket to stay bang on trend for those cold winter days.

Simply answer this question:

What’s your favourite pair of shoes or boots?

I have a pair of chunky wooden wedges from Kurt Geiger a few seasons ago and I love them..sooo comfy!

Simply post your answer in the comment box below to be in with a chance of winning.

A winner will be picked at random on Sunday October 31.

For more info on the brand, visit their website at

Good Luck!

FashionBite xx

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  1. Kellie says:

    These would be perfect for the winter as I am struggling to find any new boots I love this year.

    My favourite shoes are a pair of sparkly red glitter Wizard of Oz Dorothy shoes from Office. The fit like they were made for me and I only have to look at them to be in a good mood ♥

    • amanda says:

      My favorite are a pair of brown kneelength boots. They go with everything and I can’t wait for it to get a little cooler so I can wear them everyday to work!

    • claire willmer says:

      my favourite ever pair of boots were a gorgeous pair of suede ankle boots that i bought when i moved to london to be with my now husband. They were the perfect pair of boots for practicaly any outfit, unfortunately when we got or labrador she decided to chew one of the heels off when we went out. Never found a pair like them since!

    • Helen Caldwell says:

      My favourite pair of shoes, which I wear almost constantly, are a little pair of pomp-like shoes with a very low wedge-like heel that I got in Los Angeles a short time ago. The American sizing seems to be a very good fit.

    • Angela says:

      I hate to be boring but I love my UGGS – thebest present I ever had. They are sooooo comfortable – but no good in the rain or snow which is why I need to win this competition, I dont think I cannear another Winter with wet feet!

    • katy says:

      i love my beaten up black cowboy boots! they cost £18 from Dirty Harry in Brighton, 2nd hand/vintage and look great with just about everything!xx

    • Em Noble says:

      i still love my old pair of Dr Martens, totally reliable and nostalgic from my days of grunge at uni…

      • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

        My favorites at the moment are my Clarkes suede knee high boots. They are divinely comfortable and fully lined so I am ready for winter. Bring on the snow, the sleet, the driving rain… I’m ready and armed!!!!

    • karenk57 says:

      My favourite boots are a pair of bright green ankle lace-ups. I feel like one of Tolkien’s elves every time I wear them….


    • i love my wellies! they are blue with fabulous flowers all over them and are great for stomping in puddles or digging the garden 🙂

    • Tracy Sheldon says:

      My favourite boots were a pair of oxblood cowboy boots. I may have be dressed in my business suit and looking very corporate until you get to my feet and poking out were my cowie boots – lovely. You can take my life 9-5, but you can never take my freedom!

  2. My favourite shoes are a tan slouchy pair, with a nice heel and some straps around the leg – from Office. I bought them two winters ago after thinking about them for a whole year, I finally managed to pull my finger out and buy them. I have worn them to death now and they are falling apart – a very sad day for me when I have to get rid of them.

  3. Holly Sutton says:

    My favourite ever pair of boots I bought from Office before I went to Uni. They were tan suede, slouchy and had straps that slouched around the leg. I wore them with EVERYTHING and continued to do so even when they were spotted purple from dancing around drinking snakebites and black. Good times…xx

  4. carole says:

    a pair of padders great for work

  5. Sarah L says:

    I had some beige suede LK Bennett boots that I wore to death, they fitted like a glove and I loved the look and the texture. I almost sobbed when having been reheeled 5 times, they finally gave up the ghost!

  6. Catherine Tyrell says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are my trusty brown wedge heeled boots from M&S. They are so comfy that they feel like they were made for my feet.

  7. June A Newton says:

    After 27 years of marriage my husband last winter bought me a pair of UGG boots. This is the first present from him I’ve never had to return & swap for something else. There is a god afterall!

  8. Kirsty Fox says:

    I used to work in Faith and if we were sorting out the basement room and found an old style or an odd shoe we could search for the other shoe (in our lunch break) and then buy them. I found a lovely black pair of black court style shoes with a really funky heel and I was determined I would find the other one and I did! They were my favourite pair for years until one day the heel fell off and they were completely worn out!

  9. Heather Kear says:

    I bought a lovely pair of cowboy boots from Next years ago, i was gutted when they died, i wore them so much that i wore the soles out!!!
    Have never managed to find a pair of boots since that have lived up to them 🙁

  10. Mikaela says:

    My favourite shoes would have to be my walking boots. Not just because they’re comfy and very well worn-in. But also because they remind me of all the beautiful places I’ve been.

  11. jillian morey says:

    Avingnon in black.

  12. nicola hawley says:

    My favourite pair are a dark brown short boot that I bought from Next, very comfy but are now looking a bit tired. I can guarantee when I wear them doesn’t matter for how long my feet are absolutely fine

  13. Claire Fraser says:

    I have a pair of blue Clark’s shoes with air soles which are so comfortable. I dread the day when they wear out.

    If this year is anything like last winter I desperately need a new pair of boots please:)

  14. viv pawson says:

    My favourite are my ugg`s but im in need of a new pair

  15. Julie Johnson says:

    My favourite pair of shoes or boots, are a pair of boots I have had for three years, mm they are so comfortable, well worn in and I only wear them a few weeks of the year when the weather is really bad, but I will not get rid of them, they are my comfort shoes

  16. Stacey Le Page says:

    It has to be a turquoise peeptoe pair I own from Next. They add such a colour pop to an outifit and people always comment on them.

  17. Irene says:

    …at the moment my new biker boots from Next

  18. Mel Chambers says:

    My knee length Newrocks, they make me feel tall, sexy and unique

  19. joanna PARKER says:

    my dubarry long boots, so comfy!

  20. alison reid says:

    i have tommy hilfiger snow boots that i bought around 5 years ago…they are amazingly warm and go equally well with my skinnies as with my PJ’s on cold winter mornings when its time to go down and feed the dogs.

  21. michelle koretz says:

    i had a pair of red pixie boots which i wore to death, I wished i bought 2 pairs at the time cos ive never seen any more like it

  22. Angela Thurstance says:

    I have a pair of tan suede ankle boots which are so comfortable and go with anything.

  23. Sarah Arnett says:

    My favorite pair are from Mode In Pele and I got them in the sale 5 years ago – they are a brown wedge boot with a fur trim and are the cosiest and warmest boots you could ask for!

  24. Miss Brooke Ritchie says:

    I have a pair of studded top boots from Matalan, nice silver studs with a black bow at the back. Really nice.

  25. Carol Emmett says:

    I had a pair of sandals from Primark many years ago. A lovely soft old gold colour in a totally flat grecian style, with three very fine straps across the foot and a delicate ankle strap – and SO comfortable. I wore them for several summers and glued the upper back to the sole a couple of times to keep them going. Since they finally joined the great shoe graveyard in the sky I haven’t been able to find any sandals that even remotely compare for style and comfort!

  26. Kat says:

    My purple Rocket Dog Sugar Daddy suede boots. SO comfortable and they go with almost everything.

  27. Hannah Beadle says:

    My favourite boots were from when I was younger. They were from Camden and cost SO MUCH took ages to save up for them. They were patent black leather with 3″ platform front and 5″ heel with 3 buckles around the leg. I loved them!

  28. Lux says:

    The tan leather Canadian cowboy boots I found in a vintage shop on a snowy day in Montreal, when I should have been buying winter walking boots. They’re snow damaged and I’ve had to have the heels fixed about 3 times, but they go with everything and they still look great.

  29. alison turner says:

    I’m looking for new pair of boots and can’t find any I like. So would love to win this prize.

  30. janet turner says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of beige ones from Next. So comfortable I can walk miles in them. I would love a new pair of Boots for the Winter.

  31. Beverley says:

    I have a pair of leather black boots with straps and studs. Very rock chick and go with jeans and skirts – very versatile.

  32. kerrie milford says:

    a pair of marc jacobs wedges that i actually found in a charity shop, pastel colours and perfect for summer!

  33. Laura Nicol says:

    I have recently purchased a pair of wedged winter boots from New Look in the student 20% off sale and they are the comfiest pair of shoes I have ever worn. They are lined with sheepskin, great for this seasons fur trend, are beige in colour with a great rubber sole wedge and fastened with three buckled straps.

    I would defiantly recommend you check them out…

  34. Katherine Brice says:

    My favourite ever pair of boots were from Dorothy perkins, they were an off white colour, almost cowboy style.. They had imprinted shapes on and were seriously comfy!
    They were so unique considering they were from the high street and made such a change from black/brown. I literally wore them until they had holes in, that was a few years ago and im still waiting to find another pair of boots I am totally in love with again!

  35. fiona duale-jolliffe says:

    A Pair of heeled but very comfortabe leather up to knee boots in an ox blood red colour! They look the bomb and are so comfy!

  36. Elaine says:

    In summer I live in crocs but now it’s colder my faves are the Padders walking boots my husband bought me one christmas. Warm and waterproof they’re great for walking the dogs, on the motorbike, and everyday wear.
    I’d love to have some boots from Duo, Haven’t had a pair of long boots since my calves grew to massive proportions to match the rest of me *blush*

  37. Susan says:

    I have a pair of grey leather ankle boots from Faith. They have a lovely high heel which is great as I’m not very tall and they look fabulous with jeans.

  38. Patricia Edwards says:

    I love my Celtic sheepskin boots, but I would really like something as comfortable but not quite as clumpy

  39. Katy Perkis says:

    I love the Damask Black Leather boot on the Duo website – bang on trend, classy and effortlessly sexy.


  41. Maya Russell says:

    I have a pair of calf strap, vulcanized rubber, baby pink wellington boots. They are my favourite boots.

  42. liz denial says:

    I love my ugg style boots, look just the same at a fraction of the price & sooo comfortable, love em so much I bought them in every available colour & still didn’t spend as much as I would buying a real pair.

  43. Nicola Seary says:

    My favourites are my Denim Ugg boots,so comfortable and not so many people are wearing them,am a huge Denim fan anyway.

  44. bee35 says:

    At the moment, my purple Hunter wellies seem to have proved to be a very wise investment and it’s been really surprising to discover how many different outfits they can be worn with…

  45. Kirsty says:

    I bought a pair of patent, black, buckled, winklepicker shoes from Kensington Market in 1984 and they were the pinnacle of my ambition to look like Siouxie Sioux. They cost me a months pocket money and my mother hated them and threw them out. Of course, I rescued them from the bin and then had to wear them in the utmost secret. I wore them until they fell apart and had to be glued and stapled back together (things cost more back then!) so many times that the staples would cut into my feet. However, I met my first proper boyfriend while I was wearing them, and they will forever have a place in my heart!
    I still have them, and love them more than any pair of shoes I have owned before or since!

  46. nikki says:

    my uggs.they are sooo cosy and comfy.

  47. Mary Wilde says:

    My favorite pair of shoes is a second hand pair of Manolo Blahnik pixie boots bought from eBay. I just wanted to be the only one in my girlie group to own Manolo Blahniks 🙂

  48. vicky says:

    lovely pair of tan cowboy boots bought from the states a few years back

  49. Tracy Newton says:

    I know that they are not the height of fashion or style, but I love my warm, comfy UGG boots.

  50. sarah brown says:

    A black pair of stilettos that go with everything from work wear to the little black dress…and make me feel sexy every time you slip them on

  51. Claire Deakin says:

    I just love my flips flops, you can wear them any where and they are comfy

  52. cactusjo says:

    I have a pair of DM Chelsea Ankle boots that are perfect for any terrain or weather and if I clean them they even look cool and quirky with a floral dress 🙂

  53. Isobel Lees says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of patent orange wedges bought c. 1996 from Faith. I no longer wear them for obvious reasons but the memories attached to them are truely wonderful!

  54. Jill Garratt says:

    I love my new black boots from Quiz, practical enough for spending hours on my feet but they look really good too.

  55. Rachel heap says:

    my fav boots were my chocolate uggs but they have had it now so need a new pair of comfy boots 🙂

  56. karen bentley says:

    my best pair of boots are choclate brown woth a cream fur trim from the childrens department from clarks and also the cheapest boots i ever have had

  57. Heather Butler says:

    Its a little bit tragic but I love my black button uggs!

  58. Nicola Sarai says:

    Nude patent Office heels x

  59. Faye Oliver says:

    a really battered looking pair of sandals bought from tk maxx about 4 years ago

  60. dmon says:

    i absolutely love my black flat mary janes as they go with everything in my wardrobe – from dresses to skinny jeans, skirts and capris, bare legs, tights..i’m very impressed with how versatile they are!

  61. Samantha Pearson says:

    My riding boots

  62. Gemma Turner says:

    My favourite shoes would have to be my distressed black leather knee high boots. They’re slouched and feel buttery soft. I love them so much, as they’re so comfortable. I simply cannot wait each year til it gets wintery and I can start wearing them. They’re gorgeous, and simplify what winter is for me 🙂

  63. Silvia says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of pumps brought in Italy. They are just crafted so well!

  64. John Smith says:

    I have some old riding boots which are way past their sell by date but are really comfortable. A new pair of boots would be a wonderful treat.

  65. JOAN says:

    My Ugg boots cos they are so snug and warm on those cold winter days

  66. susan langton says:

    I loveeeeeeee cowboy boots, Im American and they are iconic there!

  67. Hannah says:

    my favourite pair are so precious I have only ever left the house in them once! They are beautiful beige leather killer heels from Gina with a little gold ankle buckle. they are the only pair of ‘posh’ shoes I have ever owned and were originally £500! (i got them in the sale after ‘accidentally’ wandering into the shop before a meeting…)

  68. Maria Hunt says:

    It has to be my pair of very high black and electric blue stilettos that I got from Faith. They are actually very comfortable for a high heel and are so sexy – gives the perfect wiggle walk that send men wild 😉

  69. my boots are my garden wellies ., my daughter is just twelve discovered fashion , therefore nicked mine,!!!!!

  70. I’m deeply n love with my Fitflop Superboots. They have butter soft chocolate brown leather uppers and thick soles which are like paracetamol for the feet. Just the ticket after half marathon training sessions and perfect for the school run.

  71. laura jones says:

    so hard to choose but id love maple navy please

  72. Tina says:

    My favourite pair I bought from office a while ago they are the Blowfish Wylie Ankle Boot. I love them they are so comfy and look great too.

  73. Zlatinka says:

    My favourite pair is leather and canvas studded boots from Faith (quite cool)- getting a bit old though, need a new favourite!

  74. lydia says:

    I have just bought a pair of black ankle boots from Gap, exactly what I was after but they are killing my ankle bones!! -once I have got through the pain barrier they will be perfect

  75. Wendy Millar says:

    Tan leather boots from Faith, with a buckle at the back and 4 inch heels. Perfect with skinny jeans or leggings, a skirt and thick tights, or under bootleg jeans or trousers. They make me just the right height, improve my posture and give me good strut!

  76. Tasha-Jayne Wigley says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are my white Babychams, with little quirky, colourful patterns all over them. I’m sure if I had those Duo boots though, they would be my favourite, they look really warm and comfy.

  77. andy says:

    burgundy camper boots

  78. Dawn Carter says:

    A pair of the softest leather cowboy boots bought many years ago in a small town in Arizona. They’ve seen many winters and still look great all scuffed and worn. Maybe it really is time to get a new pair of boots.

  79. Kate Lancaster says:

    My favourites would have to be Diesel Run-to Fashionable Women’s Boots – really comfy and look good too 🙂

  80. Nigh on 40 years ago with my kith and kin
    I found myself residing in Germany’s Berlin
    Knee length cream boots I there espied
    They seemed to me quite “flirty”
    It was the 70’s after all and I was only 30
    I have them now and treasure them
    Through every different season
    To part with them after all this time
    Would be sentimental treason!!!!

  81. Meg Charlish says:

    Black leather ankle boots, look great under jeans.

  82. Julie Clark says:

    I have a pair of baby pink leather cowboy boots which are lovely and comfy

  83. Nigh on 40 years ago with my kith and kin
    I found myself residing in Germany’s Berlin
    Knee length cream boots I there espied
    They seemed to me quite “flirty”
    It was the 70’s after all and I was only 30
    I have them now and treasure them
    Through every different season
    To part with them after all this time
    Would be sentimental treason!!!

  84. tina says:

    I have a pair of Gabor Ankle Boots which are just great for winter walks

  85. BoutiqueGirl says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are Pewter peep toes with crystals all over the front! Gorgeous and go with everything!

  86. laura stewart says:

    i love my pink ankle boots because i can wear them with everything

  87. Hazel says:

    My favourite boots are black, knee high with a small heel. They go with almost everything – and are what I reach for most often when I find myself wondering what footwear to wear!

  88. susan tod says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are by Jimmy Choo sumptous black velvet with diamonte buckles and stilettos, they look absolutely fab and feel like a million dollars.

  89. Laetitia says:

    For a long time, my most favourite pair was an (almost) knee-high black leather boots i bought in a small shop in Paris. I adore it. I wore it with just about everything – jeans, dresses, mini skirts, dress pants… Unfortunately, it’s well worn now, so i am looking for something new

  90. Ann calland says:

    Chocolate brown flyflot ankle boots,they are so comfy and with great grips are fab for bad weather too!

  91. Abigail Houston says:

    A pair of black aersoles that I bought from Clarks about 8 years ago.

  92. katie rushton says:

    My snuggly ugg boots, super warm for the winter season and were great for when I twisted my ankle.

  93. Kim Johnson says:

    My favourite are a pair of platform boots which my mother worn in the eightys, not in fashion now but they will come back in again

  94. Deana Dmonte says:

    My warm and snug Ugg boots now it’s turned cold…

  95. Susan Parker says:

    It has to be a pair of leather short, loose fitting black boots that could be worn with trousers or skirts, in fact anything. I wore them into the ground and have never found anything as comfy since:)

  96. Sarah W says:

    My fave boots are YEARS old now, black leather knee highs from Aldo!

  97. Lisa Waugh says:

    My favourite pair of boots are not mine they are my husbands. he bought a pair of Ugg boots near Ayres Rock in Austrailia. We had a fantastic holiday and those boot remind me of it. I would love to win some more boots for him.

  98. helen doherty says:

    I love my black bearpaw winter boots. I can’t wear heels so these look fab with most of my clothes and I’m always comfy and warm without compromising on my style. I would never consider replacing these until they have walked their last step through wear and tear but would always,always make room for another pair of beautiful boots.

  99. Michelle Homewood says:

    My favourites are a pair of goth platform wedge boots. They have a 4 inch sole and make me feel like I’m 6 feet tall!

  100. Sue Howard says:

    My favourite pair of shoes were bought in Spain – chocolate brown suede with a high wedge. But the difference is…. they have a clip on mink decoration. Can be worn plain without the mink or with for a luxury feel. I always were them WITH!

  101. Sue Howard says:

    Apologies – spelled wear -were. D’oh

  102. Helen Jones says:

    My favourites are some brown leather riding style boots, my other half bought them for my birthday last year and they are actually from Duo. It was SO nice to find boots that are a comfy fit for my size 9 feet, without having the tops gaping like wellies!

  103. Ann Paterson says:

    A pair of Schuh College Brogue Flats are just so comfy.

  104. r linton says:

    beautiful biker boots from Dune

  105. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    My favourite boots are my black knee length ones from Nine West – I love them as they are flat and have a square toe. They are like slippers. They are also thin all the way up.

  106. Clara Bignami says:

    My favourite shoes are my hush puppies boots because they look great and they’re furry inside to keep my feet warm!

  107. Natalie Robinson says:

    I used to work for Joseph and got some heavily discounted boots. Blood colour patent ankle books – it was love at first sight.

  108. TabitaW says:

    My favourite pair of shoes must be my almost worn out pair of tartan Superdry shoes. I wear them all the time.

  109. Cher Waite says:

    A pair of purple Hush Puppie pumps – they are the most comfiest, well worn, cute and pretty pumps I have ever worn and loved! I wear them everywhere, to the shops, to work, out on girly shopping trips. They are an extension of me! and even though I see the first signs of age, the sole slightly gaping from the shoe and cracks appearing where they didn’t before, they will always be either on my feet or in my wardrobe – I couldn’t bear to part from them!

  110. kirstine meredith says:

    my fave pair have to be my pair from Faith ;)…… however feeling the need to have a new pair of boots and these would be most welcomed in my shoe wardrobe.

  111. ELLA DEED says:

    I like knee length, low heeled boots for those cold winter days.

  112. Marie says:

    My fave pair of shoes are the pair I wore for my wedding, they are beautiful, silver and VERY sparkly. They make me smile everytime I wear them! (Yes I still find an excuse…)

  113. Christina Noble says:

    Warm & comfortable uggs!!

  114. JO JONES says:

    Amora – stylish but can actually stay upright in the bad weather

  115. Jennifer says:

    I used to have some fur-lined (fake) knee-high boots which were fantastic in winter, but sadly they stopped doing up round my calves. Another pair would be nice…

  116. Millicent Jones says:

    I have a pair of brown brogues that I wear with everything!

  117. Sarah Walford says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of sketchers boots I got last year and wore all throughout the really cold winter. They were great, hoping they last for this winter too but getting a little shabby!!!!

  118. Mimi says:

    Torina Tan Boot … gorgeous, with or without the chain!

  119. Hannah says:

    I adore my Irregular Choice purple ankle boots – they still make me go gooey inside when I put them on. Just don’t tell the husband how much they cost!

  120. Wendy McDonald says:

    My favourite pair of shoes were my first DM’s. They were black with a paisley print on them. I saved up my money in a jar for months, and the pleasure I felt when I went to buy them was immense. I wore them till they literally disintegrated with wear! X

  121. Dee says:

    They might not be the same thing as shoes or boots, but my favourite thing for my feet are my comfy slippers. After being on my feet all day at work, the very first thing I do when I get home is put them on! Heaven 🙂

  122. Debbie Weinhold says:

    I can’t live without my grey cardy Ugg boots.

  123. Sara says:

    They are from Faith, black leather, soooo pointed and very high. They are amazing, I have had them for four years now, and once polished they are like new

  124. alison wakefield says:

    Its got to be my pair of Uggs there so comfy.

  125. Zoe says:

    My favourite pair are the black Morina mid calf cowboy style boots with detachable chain strap.

  126. val young says:

    A pair of brown boots I bought in a sale about 3 years ago they are so comfy I dread then wearing out

  127. Beth Fenn says:

    I’ve never fitted into boots until recently (even the wide calf ones) so my favourite pair of boots is my only pair of boots that I treated myself to about a month ago….just a chunky two inch heel calf high boot…but to me it’s brilliant because it shows I really am losing weight 🙂

  128. bev says:

    I love my platform wedges from Clarkes, they’re so girly and comfy I feel fantastic when wearing them!

  129. Melissa Robinson says:

    My favourite shoes have to be my wellingtons 🙂 so comfortable and always remind me of home 😀

  130. Beth says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of slouchy, black leather boots that can be worn with jeans, skirts, anything! They are sooooo compfy it feels like you’re wearing slippers!

  131. Beth says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of slouchy, black leather boots that can be worn with jeans, skirts, anything…! They are sooooo comfy it feels like you’re wearing slippers!

  132. Emma G says:

    My fave shoes are some Salvatore Ferragamo flats that I found in a charity shop for an absolute steal. They were so cheap and they make very outfit look so chic.

  133. Claire says:

    My funky green and yellow trainers that I bought in Paris four years ago whilst courting my now husband. They always put me in a good mood as they’re bright and jolly.

  134. Angela Walker says:

    My old Clakes sandals

  135. Frances Grasby says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of knee length leather lace ups. Very dominatrix!

  136. christine usher says:

    My favourite boots are soft brown leather ankle lace up boots which are showing their age

  137. Patricia Owen says:

    My purple mocassin style shoes from the Timberland outlet in Bicester Village are a real bargain plus they are comfy yet snazzy.

  138. michelle lyon says:

    ive had a trusty pair of flat leather boots from next. im a size 9 wide but not very wide shoe size and find it so difficult to get a decent fit so this win would be soo ideal . please please please

  139. Anna M says:

    My favourite pair are a pair of black knee high, high-heeled suede boots I got from Wallis last year. So comfy and go well with pretty much everything.

  140. Kelly MD says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of red Beatrix Ong kitten heels. The weird thing is, I don’t think I have ever worn them outside of the house as they’re not that comfy…. but I have worn them to belt out a few Diana Ross songs while doing the hoovering on a regular basis 🙂

  141. Clare Webster says:

    My fave EVER pair of shoes are my salmon pink Carvella dolly shoes! they are so comfy, pretty and sexy and i can wear them with anything.
    I bought them in the sale 2 years ago for £45 which was a splurg for me but they are well worth it! =)

  142. Tanya says:

    My Favorite pair of boots is from Fly London model Arte in brown color. Love the heel and snug fit roung the calf.And the really cute fly detail on the bottom.But i need black flat heel leather boots because i recently passed my driving test,and i can’t find anything comfortable and fashionable at the same time,that i could use for driving.

  143. MELANIE SHANNON says:

    I love my fitflop black fur lined boots. They are waterproof, comfy and breathable so i dont need to wear sock or tights if i dont want. they are also great for the slipped disc i have in my back and look good with most things!!

  144. julie west says:

    I’m a Great fan of Boots but struggle to find a comfy pair, i bought a cheap faux suede fur lined pair last year in the snow, i find them really comfy and will be totally lost when they die..

  145. Lora says:

    My favourites are a pair of brown vintage calf boots I bought off ebay. I took a chance because I find it difficult to get boots to fit me, but I loved the look of them and I was over the moon when they fitted perfectly. Now they’re well worn and desperately need resoled (I go flying on tiled floors!) so I would love to win this 🙂

  146. Katie says:

    My red Doc Martins, they are so comfy!

  147. Kate says:

    I have a pair of over knee boot that i got from very they are so comfy to walk around in & go with any outfit

  148. Helen says:

    My favourite shoes are my Irregular Choice black with white polka dot stilletos. Highly impractical but I love them all the same! x

  149. toniq says:

    I had a pair of dark grey suede knee length boots from Jones the Bootmakers, they cost £200 but lasted me many winters till they look battered:( have neevr found a pair that i have held in such high esteem since.

  150. Cassie says:

    My favourite pair of boots were Timberland chukka boots, but in a style I think they only made for one season. They were waterproof, less chunky than the usual Timberland style, incredibly comfortable, and practical, but still looked great. Sadly they have now died, and I wish I had bought several pairs!

  151. Naomi Rudge says:

    What’s your favourite pair of shoes or boots?

    Mine are some brown leather Sendra cowboy boots with turquiose inlays – So comfy, so stylish and so sexy!

  152. Michelle Bamber says:

    My fav pair of boots are black flat, leather and knee high from Clarks. I could live in these 24/7 they are so comfortable and great for school runs, general out and about and going out, they look great with jeans, trousers or skirts. I wish I had brought two pairs as I will be so lost when they wear out :0

  153. Anna says:

    It just has to be my Hush Puppy sandals, supremely comfortable when you have to spend all day on your feet, in fact I sometimes forget I have them on when I get home!!

  154. Fiona says:

    My favourite were black, suede and flat, and I loved wearing them over jeans. They were really comfortable too.

  155. Margaret Dunlop says:

    I have a pair of high heeled black ankle boots with a red cuff that turns over and ties in a bow at the back.

    Not comfy….but oh how pretty…I just love to totter around in them

  156. Julie B says:

    I love the Tulip Purple Boats. They would go well with my purple handbag and pink coat. yu will see me coming!

  157. Lori Darling says:

    I love my shiney white Doc Martens…..whenever I wear, they’re so comfy, and make me chuckle when I look down

  158. Margaret says:

    I love my knee high black boots that my mum bought for me when i started my new job. They are from m&s & they are so comfortable & fit perfectly.

  159. hazel anna rigazio says:

    my favourite shoes are my black wedges,they go with anything.They have been all around the contry with me and still in great condition.I always look after my shoes,like they are my babys.

  160. Cat G. says:

    I used to own a pair of Black leather knee high boots, I wore them all the time, I lost count of how many times I had them re-healed and re-soled but eventually they became so tired looking I had to send them to boot heaven RIP boots I miss you loads

  161. Sheila bielby says:

    In gabor jolly mules I would love somthing as have such skinny legs it is such a prob

  162. Sheila bielby says:

    Iwear gabor jolly mules all summer I would love somthing for winter so comfy But I have really skinny legs a lot of boots look stupid

  163. Lyndsay C says:

    Uggs Uggs Uggs – hope they never go out out out of fashion. My feet sing every time I put them on!

  164. Astrid James says:

    My short chestnut uggs, I will never be parted from them, they go with everything and are super comfy and they look great!

  165. ANJU says:

    I love the black Malmo boot.

  166. A. Fredon says:

    My pair of UGGS is my favorite

  167. michayla smith says:

    My fave pair has to be my new knee high boots they have quite a high chunky heel on them but they are soooo comfy. So pleased I bought them. 🙂

  168. My favourite boots are my ‘Christmas boots’ from my boyfriend – first time ever he has chosen something I actually want to wear!

  169. brenda heads says:

    I love my fit-flops, they are the only reason I can still walk at the minute.

  170. Solange says:

    My Uggs. Comfy like slippers.

  171. Sue Crosswaite says:

    My favourite boots are the first pair of knee high boots I ever found to fit my calves – a pair of gorgeous black leather boots from Duo with a strap and button across the foot – classy and gorgeous. Felt a million dollars in them.

  172. lisa dixon says:

    my most favourite boots i have ever owned are my tan brown dr martin zip up flat ones,they help me to still feel girlie and fashionable whilst still being able to chase my two small sons around the park with great ease,i simply adore them.

  173. Nicole Bravender says:

    My fave pair of shoes are a really comfy Red or Dead Mary Janes in red also.

  174. Jay says:

    I’ve got some very old dark brown Faith wedges which are perfect with jeans – I drag them out every winter, but really need to be kicked out of my rut!

  175. Julian Beech says:

    My adidas gazelles!

  176. Rachel Mellor says:

    My snuggly Ugg boots,be lost without them

  177. Marta says:

    My Uggs!!

  178. Gemz says:

    My fave shoes are definately my trainers ! So comfy ! I live in them , even wanted to wear them on my wedding day but that wasnt allowed lol =) Good luck everyone x

  179. karen says:

    anything that begins with jimmy and ends with choo

  180. Emma Coats says:

    My favourite pair of boots are my Berghaus explorer ridge walking boots. Not very glamourous I know but have proved to be the best pair I have ever bought. Extremely comfy, waterproof and sturdy. Wore them on holiday all the time (new trainers were unworn at the end of holiday) and we werent even hiking.
    Thought they were so good I bought my son a pair too!

  181. Tracey Quin says:

    I hate to be boring but I love my UGGS , they keep my feet snug and warm

  182. Kate Hester says:

    My favourite boots are my Cat brown leather boots with a slight block heel – so comfy and warm with a great sole so i dont slip in the snow/ice!

  183. Clare says:

    My favourite shoes are my scrumptious brown Dr Martin Mel’s. I’ve had them for years and they’re still going strong, although not quite as fresh smelling as they once were.

  184. JJ says:

    My mock croc leather ankle boots are my bestest fwend.

  185. Jill says:

    My Red or Dead black mid heal cowboy shoes lovely

  186. LizB says:

    With chunky calves, I’ve only been able to find ankle-length boots that fit – my absolute favourites were a pair of black Timberlands which I wore until I fell apart
    I’m really hoping that my next favourite pair of boots will be the full-length black Vine Duo boots that I’d choose if I won this competition !

  187. Chris says:

    got a fav pair of brown heeled boots from Bally, love them to death!!!

  188. Rachel says:

    My favourite pair of boots are my black zip-up DMs.

    This will be their 3rd year and they are still soft on the inside, waterproof and ever so comfortable. They even have a pretty flower decoration inside the zip to add a tiny girly touch!

  189. Kath Murray says:

    I have a lovely pair of suede knne length boots – very comfy.

  190. ruth says:

    I have a pair of calf length biker style boots from Pavers that I love so much I bought 2 pairs. The first pair is on it’s last legs now but it’s sooooo good to know that when they finally fall apart I have another brand new pair waiting to go. (I’m not normally anywhere near that organised – but I really love those boots!)

  191. Marina Frow says:

    My favourite shoes are my ivory flats from Faith that I wore on my wedding day. They have roses on the toes and are so pretty, i often put them on in the house to have a little dance and remember what a fab day i had in them! trying to pluck up the courage to dye them so they can leave the house, for now they are a guilty secret!

  192. Anthony Martin says:

    Savile Row Black Oxford Brogue – an oldy but a goody

  193. Joanne B says:

    I had a gorgeous pair of knee length brown suede boots from River Island – I wore them and loved them until they eventually just fell apart. 🙁
    Still trying to find a pair that live up to them.

  194. bella smyth says:

    it has to be the pair of brown knee high boots,i saved up ages as a single disabled mum with massive size 10 flat feet,they were the only ones i could i find and i was sick of walking without shoes x

  195. Cecelia Allen says:

    My favourite shoes are black patent high heels with a T bar and thin ankle strap. They feel so good to wear and finish my look when I’m glammed up but I can still comfortably walk in them

  196. Jocelyn Clark says:

    My FitFlops they are comfy and good for me!

  197. Julie K says:

    I love my ugg boots they are so warm and comfty Xx

  198. Rachel says:

    A lovely pair of very dark plummy-brown killer-heeled gladiator sandals from new look. When I wear them I could take on the world . . . . as long as I don’t have to run!!

  199. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    my fav shoes are my new shoe boots from next

  200. My favourite are gorgeous flat beige boots I bought back in 2003. They were only £40 and have got muddy, painted on by kids and a dog, got soaked, walked for miles and they still look pretty new (although rain is starting to get through a hole). I was so disappointed to see the website I got them from no longer exists. Now on the lookout for another pair to last me a few years 🙂

  201. Hazel Lemar says:

    My Ecco shoes I wear to work. They were comfy from the start and I hardly notice I have them on. Comfort is everything.

  202. Jennifer Thorpe says:

    I have a pair of knee high tan leather boots. They are falling to pieces very quickly because I wear them so much – but I love them!

  203. Emma Clarke says:

    I have a pair of 1950s vintage shoes in cream that I have worn to my engagement party, my wedding and my first son’s christening. I even took (and passed!) my driving test in them and was interviewed for my dream job in them (I got the job!). They’re my lucky shoes and I wouldn’t be without them!

  204. Rose Hudson says:

    My favoruite are a pair of suede wedge knee high boots from Moda in Pelle. SO comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

  205. Sarah says:

    My favourite pair are my Konig dressage boots, fantastic for the purpose for which they were designed but also look fab with jeans!

  206. Amy Keogh says:

    My favourite boots have to be my brown animal boots, they have chunky turquoise buttons and a lovely soft lining, I love them!

  207. Bethany Nixon says:

    I love my Belstaff brown leather knee high boots. They toughen up pretty dresses or go great with jeans, the hand stitching and leather soles look great and never seem to wear out!

  208. Linda Bunning says:

    My favourite pair of boots are the Tulip purple boot , I absolutely love them, pity I am too old to wear them except in my dreams!

  209. Ella Swinbank says:

    My flat comfy boots, suede, wool lining so nice and warm.

  210. Fiona Blaney says:

    I have some past their best, kitten heel, pointy toe, black ankle boots. They’re just a slight nudge towards being a little bit naughty, for me anyway…..

  211. steven young says:

    I have a pair of Nicholas Deakins Leather boots which I bought 5 years ago. They are hand stitched and cost a small fortune (for me anyway!). They only get worn on special occasions.

  212. Greig says:

    My brown hiking boots are super comfy.

  213. Susan says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of ankle boots from Jones the Bootmaker which I got in the sale about a year ago. They are 3 different shades of brown, from tan to very dark brown, and they go with virtually everything in my wardrobe. But I could do with some black boots, so it would be great to win this.

  214. MO WATT says:

    My favourite boots are grey suede knee high boots from french connection, I’ve had them almost 5 years now and repaired them countless times. But they instantly glam up a boring winter outfit, I’ll be gutted when they are beyond repair

  215. Ruth Wollerton says:

    My favourite pair of boots are a pair of bronx red flat boots – they go with everything from jeans to my denim mini skirt – they comfy and I can walk in miles in them, but they also look amazing too. I have had them re-heeled three times.

  216. shirl says:

    I love my black leather boots bought from Faith – I feel great when I am wearing them!

  217. Charlene says:

    My grey suede shoes from Clarks. Love the active air insole which makes walking so comfy. Fashion AND comfort…what more could a gal ask for?

  218. Laura Pritchard says:

    I have a gorgeous pale green pair of 1940’s style T-Bar stilettos from Topshop – I love them so much I hardly ever wear them as I don’t want to wear them out!

  219. Ruth says:

    my favorite boots were a pair of black laced “granny” boots.. i wore them till they fell apart!

  220. lynn savage says:

    I love my Mark Todd long leather riding boots, I wear them with loads of different outfits, they are so comfortable and stylish.

  221. Karren Jones says:

    I bought a pair of Red boots with pointed toes , they were so comfy I had to have them re soled twice, I just hated it when I finally had to throw them away, I was gutted and havent been able to find anything like them since !

  222. Mandy C says:

    My favourite boots are my knee high DMs, had them ages, but they are truely invincible!

  223. Lisa Howarth says:

    My super comfy Ugg boots

  224. Lisa Howarth says:

    My ugg boots

  225. fiona says:

    My favourite boots are my Uggs because I wore them to death last winter and they are the only thing that keep my feet warm…however, the snow ruined them so I really need some new boots!

  226. esther james says:

    Mine has to be my black suede knee high boots made by hush puppies. They are so warm, lovely and comfortable whilst also being very stylish.

  227. Clare Sadler says:

    I have a pair of brown leather boots that I have been taking good care of for about 20 years. For a while my legs were too chunky but now I can wear them again I just love it.

  228. Kelsey Kim says:

    I own one pair of boots, but my dream boots right now are Clark’s Lyme grass boots. I really want some new boots, I even just posted on my blog about a few of my favorites!

  229. Marion says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of Love From Australia boots which I bought last winter.
    I think I wore them almost every day, they’re so comfy and warm!

  230. Sue says:

    A pair of black Ikon ankle boots with a teen wedge. Wore them to bits, bought and another pair the next winter and was heartbroken when their next winter collection had nothing remotely similar.

  231. Shaz says:

    My favourite pair is some black high heeled ankle boots … look great with jeans and have been worn to death .

  232. Karen Gale says:

    I love the pair of Red Herring (Debenham’s own brand) grey ankle boots that my boyfriend got me for last Christmas. I have a problem with them, though – I have high insteps, and my boots do not have zips. I can only get them on/off when we are together as the part around the ankle is so tight!

    I have a lovely pair of shoes – wedges – from M&S. From their Footglove range, and probably the most comfortable “silly” shoes I have. I cannot wear vertiginous heels like celebs as I size 3 feet. This means my feet are just 8″ long, so a 4″ or 5″ heel is out of the question – unless I want to go around looking like a constipated chicken!!!

    I’d like to win ’cause it’s so hard to find shoes or boots in my size (many ranges start at a 4). Can anybody tell me why shops put the small sizes on the top shelf? I have little feet as I’m a little person – I can hardly reach!!

  233. Helen LP says:

    My black leather Rocket Dogs – I absolutely live in them for about 8 months of the year.

  234. Keni says:

    My comfi Uggs for everyday but would love some smart boots

  235. Kerry Gritt says:

    I love shoes and have a few favourites, but after a busy day chasing after the kids I have to admit that my pink fluffy M and S slippers are simply the best……..ahhh, comfy! Not that i’d say no to a new pair of boots though.

  236. Ann says:

    Definitely Uggs – my feet are always so cold, these boots keep my tootsies lovely and cosy.

  237. Madelaine McLaughlin says:

    Love the purple Tulip boots for something a bit glam & girlie. For everyday sturdy sensibility, the Birch look the biz!

  238. Pamela Hutton says:

    It just has to be my MBT’s for everyday comfort

  239. Victoria says:

    My favourite shoes are my black patent platform heels from Next, absolutely gorgeous!

  240. zarah robinson says:

    My favorite pair is an old pair of Merrells. They are a little tatty now, but still…oh so comfy.

  241. Heather Shaw says:

    must be my uggs. they were worth every penny i spent on them as i suffer poor circulation so they keep me so warm they are amazing!

  242. Ashleigh says:

    my favourite ones are black ones i got from next, they are the comfiest boots ever!

  243. Kerry Farrow says:

    My favourite pair of boots are ones I have bought this year from Marks and Spencer. Not a flash name but they are black leather with a studded strap across the front of the boot. They are flat which is great as I have three little one under two to cart about but they look really smart with leggins and knitted tunic tops.

  244. Susan Burtenshaw says:

    I have a beautiful pair of “biker” boots with lace-up fronts – the best ever, can be worn with anything!

  245. RailB says:

    I have a comfy pair of Caterpillar boots.Bought them about 5 years ago. am so glad I invested in them , they still polish up well!

  246. linzi connelly-munro says:

    i love a nice pair of knee lenghth boots tan with apair of skinny jeans these would be great for all occasions i dont think i would have them off my feet.
    i have two or three pairs that i love but my favourite is my new pair of juicy couture boots my hubby bought me they are knee length white with white fur trim it is like wearing my slippers

  247. s miles says:

    i have a great pair of timberland boots, i wear them everywhere,

  248. I love my pink fluffy slipper boots – they are the most comfortable slippers ever

  249. Laura says:

    My favourite pair of shoes have to be my battered old Converse. Perfect for running around after my 1 year old!

    Would love some Duo boots so that I could run around in style though..!

  250. Laura says:

    Hmm, I think it’s a gorgeous pair of Dune pale pink satin shoes that I wore to get married. Will love them forever for how they looked and what they represent!

  251. Sarah Ruse says:

    My favourite shoes are flat, black ballerinas with a large imitation jet on the front from Clarks. Very practical and comfy and I can count on them to be comfortable despite me being on my feet all day.

  252. Carol says:

    I love my suede black knee-length boots with a chunky heel, not too high. But I can’t wear them in wet weather though, being suede.

  253. Samantha says:

    My favourite pair has to be my first pair of Duo boots – burgundy suede Samara boots. Utterly beautiful, completely impractical, but an absolute must-have!

    I got them in 2007 and they’re still going strong today!

  254. LA.L says:

    My favourite footwear are my slippers!********* After a long day at work there is nothing better than putting ya slippers on and cosying up with a glass of wine watching the soaps. LOVE IT!!!!!!!*************

  255. clare smoker says:

    I won a pair of Fitflops in a competition last spring and i wear them a lot because the are so comfortable!

  256. Caroline says:

    It has to be my new riding boot style that I bought at the weekend. They’re already comfy and look great with my old faithful skinny jeans

  257. jan says:

    a pair of leopard print pumps

  258. Julie Booth says:

    I have a pair of Faith shoes which are black suede high heel court shoes, with brass studs around the back of the shoe and a large brass studded suede bow on the front. They are gorgeous, comfortable and get loads of lovely comments at work, by men and women.

  259. Pamela Cook says:

    My scholls. They are SO comfortable and look good too

  260. SHERREE D'LENY says:


  261. bevbimbo says:

    my boots are 20yrs old a pair of clarks over the knee bots that i wore as a lowly traffic warden for 15 years, they have been soled and heeled so many times but are the only ones i could ever get over my calfs, so to get a new pair would be fantastic x

  262. bevbimbo says:

    i have a pair of over the knee clarks boots i got 20 years ago, they served me every winter for 15 years in my job as a lowly trafffic warden, they have been soled and heeled so many times but up to now ihave never found a pair to go over my calfs so a new pair is definatly needed x

  263. L Brown says:

    My favourite at the moment are my Timberlake boots as I use them every day to take my first ever dog over into the fields. The problem is that she likes them too – more than her chew toys! – so I’m either going to need replacement boots or a replacement dog very soon! Tough call 😉

  264. Carrie-ann says:

    I had a pink glitter pair of heels! Loved them

  265. Cassandra says:

    My favourite boots, that I have just dusted off ready for winter, are my cowboy-esk boots by Red or Dead….very very comfy!

    I have my eye’s fixed on a pair or Vine boots by Duo, I would gladly share my feet between these and my Red or Dead boots! 😀

  266. I have a lovely , pretty pair of skechers trainers. They are black nubuck with panels of pretty little pink and yellow flowers in them. They are so comfy and pretty that I would really love another pair, especially now that the stitching is going, which I will have to repair if I want them to last any longer. I’ve looked but can’t find them anymore. Apart from that they still look good after the past 3 years fantastic service.

  267. Donna Craggs says:

    My favourite boots are my new grey slouch boots. I can’t say they are the most comfortable I have evre had but I lurve them. They are funky and smart and are the best yet. x

  268. Christine Burridge says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of beige, embroidered, adorned with orange and brown leather insets, Cowboy Boots I bought in California in 1982.
    I now have a foot condition which does not allow me to wear heels, but, I manage to wear my cowboy boots about once or twice a year.

  269. Christine Macleod says:

    Mid calf brown flat boots which I wear all year round with skirts, jeans, leggings. I’ve had them for years and will cry when they finally depart from me.

  270. Katrin says:

    My favourite pair of boots are my beige Deichmann knee high boots, cheap and cheerful! They go with absolutely everything and look amazing, the heel’s high enough to give a little boost but low enough to not cripple you on a day out shopping. Sadly at the moment they are also my lonely pair so are risking a lot of wear and tear and I could do with some extra pairs to take the pressure of them so I can enjoy them as long as possible!

  271. Emma Hamilton says:

    My favourite boots are an amazing pair of prada shearling lined boots that I found in the House of Fraser sale (a size too small but too good a bargain to pass up!) Unfortunately the ‘Pr’ has worn off now so they are now my favourite ‘ada’ boots x

  272. Helen Charlesworth says:

    I bought a pair of ‘slim-fit’ boots with a 32cm calf fitting on e-bay for £9.99. They had originally cost over £100! I love them, I adore them and want them to last forever and ever ‘cos they’re the first pair of boots I’ve ever had that actually fit me properly!

  273. Katy Peri says:

    My lovely suede Kurt Geiger boots, smart but with a cowboy feel to them

  274. nicola speirs says:

    My favourite shoes were a pair of brown Doc Martin boots – they were so comfortable, but they went out of fashion, so I gave them to charity… wishing I hadn’t now as they are very much back in fashion.

  275. joanna king says:

    My favourite pair of boots are an unlikely pick of the bunch! They cost £30 from Simply Be and let me tell you, they are the comfiest I have ever worn. Flat, tan, real leather knee highs. I have never found a pair to fit me so well (I have wide feet and calfs but short legs)

    Only problem is, my sons pram is virtually broken (awaiting January Sales to buy another :-s) and I have to lift it up on to every kerb. I have huge scuffs on my adorable boots and I fear I’ll never find a pair like them again booooo!

  276. Laura Fletcher says:

    My favourite pair of footwear are a red pair of suede knee-high boots, which I bought from DUO. I call them my “confidence boots” as they definitely bring out the swagger (or rather totter!) in me. I would love another pair of (more sensible) Duo boots.

  277. Yvonne Crook says:

    My favourite are a pair of black leather knee high boots I bought from Clarks. So comfy and well made.

  278. SUSAN says:

    My faithful old flatties

  279. Lots says:

    I love my ugg’s purely as they are comfortable but I want a pair more fashionable to wear!

  280. Ms.B.Mathias says:

    At the moment the boots I own aren’t much to write home about. My favourite boots I used to wear when I was in my teens back in the ’80’s, knee-length suede with tassles and feathers dangling on the side, I thought they were lovely!

  281. Luisa L says:

    My favourite pair has to be my uggs (i know uggs again!!)

    My husband bought them for me last year after I had worn very inferior ‘ugg alikes’ for the past few winter seasons. They are the ones with the little leather ties at the back and the fur at the top. I love them and even though they were soooo expensive, I figure that due to wearing them lots, they only really cost about £1.00 a wear!!! (and that’s how I will justify any new boot purchase!)

  282. NATALIE BRADLEY says:

    i have some lovely clarks flat calf boots … had them for years got em off my mum they are soooooooo comfortable!! holes and all i cant part with them!!

  283. Sheila says:

    My little Black Boots that have a nice heal and both look and feel great.

  284. Sue says:

    My favourite pair of boots are a pair of knee-high Timberland boots I got a few years ago. They’re really stylish but have big chunky soles and are very hard-wearing, so are perfect for wearing with casual skirts at the weekends. The reason I really love them is because I have quite large calves and can never get knee high boots to do up. These boots are quite big for some reason and actually fit me – they were the first pair of knee high boots I had ever worn! I was so excited when I tried them on.

  285. Louise Milner says:

    Got to be a pair of old pink Converse high tops – despite many wardrobe clearouts I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them!

  286. Jane Skarratt says:

    Sheepskin Slippers

  287. Tal Lev Ari says:

    Really like the Rochelle brown boot – need this urgently for this coming brrr… winter

  288. ImmortalBeloved says:

    My favourite pair of shoes, well boots, are my Rock Boots, they are fantastic although I have to admit not appropriate for all occasions. Would be nice to have something less …….. chunky I guess!

  289. Vanessa says:

    Up until three days ago I would have said my black leather ankle boots with 4 inch heels…but alas I have just got a pair of KNEE HIGH black Converse and I love them so much (I still love my ankle boots though XD). Converse are so warm and came just in time for winter!

  290. lorraine says:

    i luv my hooker boots

  291. EMMA WALTERS says:

    my favourite pair are:
    victoria black shoe

  292. Kitty says:

    My absolutely favourite pair of boots are these tan well-heeled knee high riding boots from Canada. I’ve had them for yeeears and wear them at least 3 times a week as soon as the weather gets cold.

  293. Claire says:

    My favourite shoes are my black Converse shoes – I wear them most of the time…

    ps I really need a new pair of boots!

  294. Jen B says:

    I love my Dorothy Perkins black patent party shoe-boots – they fit me so well! I need some new boots for the winter, so winning these would be lush. <3

  295. Natasha List says:

    Swiss sheepskin calf-warmers: Love Love LOVE!

  296. Tracey Williams says:

    Oooh my favourite boots are a pair of cowboy boots bought from Faith around 5 years ago – seems my cowboy boots lasted longer than Faith did! I miss Faith!! 🙁

  297. Karen Walkden says:

    my favorite pair of shoes are (unladylike) converse high tops 🙂 , they may not be glamourous but they have seen more occasions with me than any other item of my clothing

  298. Colette says:

    My favourite shoes were a pair of hush puppies, they were so warm and comfy but sadly are now totaly worn out.

  299. clare allen says:

    my favourite pair of shoes are my iron fist pumps they are so unique and eye catching!!

  300. My favourite pair of shoes would have to be a pair of boots I got from Claire’s. They were on sale for £20 but look really good and keep my feet snug and dry. Perfect buy ! 🙂

  301. Yasmin Butt says:

    My favourite shoes are my black stiletto sling backs from Clarks. My shoes need to be adjusted by an inch for me due to my spine, and these shoes make me feel feminine and pretty. I don’t actually have a wearable boots at the mo’ so here’s hoping on the serendipity fairy. Cheers ; ) x x

  302. Julie Clements says:

    my fat face boots,, comfy

  303. Sue Harrison says:

    Summer shoes would be my Vans Pacoima flip flops..amazingly comfortable
    Winter boots are chunky wedge ankle boots from Clarkes , comfortable, non slip and hard wearing :o)

  304. rebecca jackson-makin says:

    Not the most glam response i’m affraid but mine is my knee high leather timberland riding style brown boots, they are so comfy and wear so well, you could go through a world war in them and still keep going, they have to be some of the most well made boots out there.

  305. Natalie Crawford says:

    I have a pair of brown knee high boots from Duo that I absolutely love and wear all the time, would love another pair!

  306. LS says:

    My Muckboots – toastie warm, waterproof and not bad looking either

  307. CERI MORGAN says:

    Still my fav our my brown leather ankle boots bought from Clarks last year, still in fantastic condition ‘cos I’ve been a good girl and used the cleaning wax after every wear !

  308. Maria says:

    My favorite pair of boots have to be my trusty caterpillars. I have had my black pair for years and even though they are not the newest of boots they do me just fine. x

  309. Anything leopardprint on my feet makes me feel WILD!

  310. rachel b says:

    Last year I bought an ‘over the knee’ pair of purple suede boots from the Duo store. It was love at first sight. The fit, the suede, the compliments.

    Our union is blissful, but I hope I win this competition as I’d happily cheat on my beloved boots with a pair of Duo leather ones…

    The purple suede ones would be so jealous.

  311. Judith Allen says:

    Black jodphur style boots are my favourites. Got to be sensible shoes now for me, so I would let my daughter have the fun of choosing pretty new boots.

  312. Alison says:

    Has to be my Uggs, bought in Oz 5 years ago and still going strong!

  313. may burgess says:

    definitely my hotter shoes some of which i bought years and years ago they are still going strong and are superbly comfortable

  314. Mary Green says:

    My favourite pair of Duo Brown Knee length leather boots were bought from a Charity Shop!
    They fit me perfectly especially with my large calves, and are suitable in all terrain. Now they are getting worn and I would love to purchase a new pair, but can`t afford it.

  315. sue tod says:

    I was a trendy young thing in the 60’s so my over the knee boots in blue suede were lush, still looking for another pair to compete.

  316. sue tod says:

    The fashion in the 60’s in my view was the best and I was lucky to have wore most of it and one of the coolest had to be my pale blue suede over the knee boots. Absolutely lush! Iam still looking for something similar to compete.

  317. Kimberly Paula James says:

    my fave pair are my knee high brown leather with small chunky heal. so comfy and so versitile they can be worn for smart or casual. I love em!!

  318. Lou says:

    My favorites are a pair of light brown cowboy style knee highs from a few years back – think they were from New Look. They went brilliantly with everything.
    I’ve ruined the left heel with my awkward clutch control so, a new pair would be great!

  319. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    My favourite shoes are the black FitFlops I bought last summer. They are sooo comfortable! Gutted it’s winter and I can’t now wear them so a pair of lovely boots would be great!

  320. Trudi Walsh says:

    My favourite pair of boots are my black leather ones I bought from ebay last year, they aint designer but wow are they comfortable even though they are now a little bit worn.

  321. Jodie says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of brown suede knee high boots with straps running round the boots and some cool buckles. Love them, but they are looking a bit worn now sadly

  322. Caroline McKenzie says:

    A pair of black leather Hush Puppy ankle boots

  323. Mark Shaw says:

    My Brashers are my favourite boots as they keep my feet dry, warm and comfortable.

  324. Nicola Seguin says:

    I have a pair of burgundy suede boots. I LOVE them with a passion. They live in their original box and only come out on very special occasions. I live in the north of Scotland so there’s very few days I can take them out but I look at them often!

  325. Paul Marshall says:

    The Wizard of Oz boots would go down a storm with me!!!

  326. Laura Williams says:

    my favourite pair of boots is a gorgeous pair of knee high boots that I bought from japan – they are dark brown and have huge platforms and I love them – people always say they look like Bratz boots! Love how tall they make me too! 🙂 x

  327. Cheryll H says:

    My black biker boots. I love them so much but they are getting a bit tired now! Have been looking at the Duo website and the Juniper boot would be an excellent replacement!

  328. Julie says:

    At the moment im loving my heeled hiker boots, they always make me feel confident and sexy. The perfect pair of boots (for now).

  329. prachi says:

    costco boots

  330. catherine evans says:

    My Wellies, only cos I have more opportunity to wear them !

  331. Heather Knotts says:

    My favourite boots are my Diesels which I wear constantly, they’re so comfy it’s like wearing slippers.

  332. Kyle Maiden says:

    The cowboy boots my sister bought me for christmas. I’m a guy but they look amazing anyway haha 🙂

  333. Leonie Sanford says:

    No shoe or boot is comfortable, lol

  334. Alison says:

    I love a pair of lace up ankle length boots. They are really comfy and not too high heeled so work well when its snowing

  335. Lisa Pirrie says:

    Duo Bay black leather boots – well, they will be when I win them!

  336. Stephanie Maurel says:

    My Clarks high heeled 1920s style Mary Janes – you can weart them with anything and they are sooooo comfy

  337. Victoria Savill says:

    In the summer I live in my Havaiana’s, now it’s getting colder, my brown wedge boots would have to be my favourites

  338. Mary Gould says:

    I have a pair of very old Ravel black suede open toed 3″ heels with a thin cross-over ankle strap, made in Italy. I keep them for special occasions only!

    They are fabulous and always get a comment from someone.

  339. Sarah says:

    I’ve had boots that have cost me an arm and a leg but my current favourite pair came from New Look and were incredibly reasonably priced. They have a heel but are not too high and are therefore very comfortable. I can dress them up or down and they always look and feel great.

  340. Naomi Muggeridge says:

    my favourite are a short tan coloured pair from next they are falling apart but they are so comfy and I am soo reluctant to give them up!

  341. jackie wood says:

    my flip-flops because i only wear them on holiday so once they are on my feet i know im definitley on holiday

  342. Kelly says:

    My favourites are a pair of mid-calf length tan leather cowboy boots. They are SO comfortable and look great with skinny jeans tucked into them!

  343. Claire Holtey says:

    my wool lined suede boots – it is so cold in my office

  344. Samantha Atherton says:

    My favorite pair of shoes are a pair of biker boots i picked up from a carboot sale.

  345. Petra Hora says:

    hi there, I have very old (almost vintage) Frye Boots Mustang and I love them.

  346. Emma Chapman says:

    I adore my zip up DM’s. They have lasted for years but now make a strange windy sound ( tad embarassing) but I can’t bear to part with them 🙁

  347. felicity says:

    fave shoes are a pair of brown comfy boots i got in Spain.

  348. sandra says:

    My favourite boots are now fit for the bin. They are black ankle boots bought in a sale at Clarks three years ago. So need a new pair!!

  349. Holly Green says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of rainbow striped Red or Dead shoes that I got half price on ebay 🙂

  350. Justine Powell says:

    I love my industrial Dr Martins. Perfect for the snow, you never slip over!

  351. Tracey Jackson says:

    I love my UGG boots because they are sooo comfortable and warm.

  352. jenny harper says:

    my fave are my khaki cardi ugg boots 🙂 comfy and warm!

  353. Jennifer Kelly says:

    My Uggs that I got on offer 😀 They’re soooo warm, but need a new pair x

  354. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Trying to figure out if my comment posted :/

    I love my uggs, I got a real bargain 😀

  355. Kath Amis says:

    I got a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes in a shop in Aberdeen. They cost me £30. At the time they were worth £300 so I got a bargain! I wore them for 5 years and got so many compliments.

  356. Erica Price says:

    Bought a lovely pair of boots at Debenhams, but bizarrely I have to wear a plaster on my leg to stop them rubbing – other than that I love them.

  357. Sheri Darby says:

    My favourite shoes are a very elegant pair of sandals.

  358. lorna anderson says:

    i love my flipfops !

  359. Cath Goundry says:

    My Doc Martens, of course. No explanations necessary.

  360. Rebecca Ruff says:

    I have so many!
    Boots- black below knee biker type with buckle detail.
    shoes- flats every time. Favourites are metallic pumps.

  361. Claire says:

    I had a pair of knee high destroy boots I loved, so much so they are no longer repairable to wear :o(

  362. Sarah Sheen says:

    My favourite pair of boots are leather, 5 and a half inch heels with about a 3 inch platform under the toe. They are knee high and have 5 buckles up the side that cover the laces.
    I saved up for these and I love them. I have a real thing for high heels and big platforms that don’t look like stripper shoes.
    Surprisingly, they’re very easy to walk in. Love Love Love

  363. terina davidson says:

    just the thing i’m desperate for a new pair of boots for the winter months, the ones i’ve got let water in when it rains. so please !!!!

  364. sarah dixon says:

    mine favourite boots i have bought are my ugg boots they are so comfortable its like walking around with slippers on i sometimes have to look down to make sure i still havent got my slippers on he he he.

  365. Mary says:

    My alltime favourite shoes are high, black and white dog tooth fabric with Diamante buckles. Sooooooo funky and sch a statement!

  366. Bishan Wu says:

    Skecher!! Very comfy and affordable!

  367. Jaynealicia says:

    Comfort and fit is my priority and these sound just the biz. Struggled for years with my size 7 1/2 feet and the lack of choice – even down to asking have you anything in black?
    3 Favourites are all about comfort – Hunter wellies great for beach and country. Walking boots have taken me into enchanted woods and hills. Just got a wacky pair of yellow Hotters – looked great in the Provence sun.

  368. lisa small says:

    my favourite boots are the ones i bought for my daughter…a pair of converse purple XL high legs!..she was so happy, which made me happy!!

  369. Janet Kam says:

    my favourite are a pair of black ankle boots with pointed toes, absolutely love them under trousers and jeans. Dont know what im going to do when they eventually wear out.

  370. Joanne says:

    My favourite pair is a brown fluffy pair of boots, which were a cheap pair from Dorothy Perkins. They are the most comfortable footwear I own, and look great with jeans on a cold winters day.

  371. susan cunningham says:

    Oh! i simply love the amoura mock croc boots, they are fabulous. I just have to have a pair!

  372. Susan Norminton says:

    MORINA black leather, look really good

  373. katrina campbell says:

    I have a pair of black suede rocket dog boots, they are really confortable

  374. Clare White says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of old tatty walking trainers, Sketchers I think. They are so comfortable and have walked miles and miles.

  375. Clare White says:

    My old tatty walking trainers (Sketchers) not very nice to look at but they have seen me through miles and miles of walking!

  376. katrina says:

    I have a pair of Emu Stinger Boots and they are great!! I have a wardrobe full of boots and shoes and they are still my first choice every time, especially at this time of year!!

  377. Melanie says:

    My Buffalo London boots are AMAZING!!
    A lovely slate/grey colour and a bit of a heel, perfect for autumn and they go with everything! However I do need a pair of boots that will last throuh winter! 🙂

  378. Laura Hadland says:

    I love my knee high patent green DMs, they are so comfy, great for splashing around in puddles and they cheer me up in the dark mornings when I head out for work!

  379. Jayne K says:

    My pairs of Fitflops, particularly the ones with sequins on.

  380. Sharon Fordham says:

    Love the summer when I can wear sandals – fave pair are a flat gold pair from Next with lovely leopard print insoles!

  381. gemma blake says:

    my favourite boots are my fit flop superfits. they are not the most trendy thing I have ever owned but I really don’t mind as they are sooo comfortable. they are like walking on 2 pillows!

  382. Therese Pastore says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are black ankle boots that I can wear with almost anything.The best thing is I managed to get them in a sale for £25, bargain!

  383. Ray Fielding says:

    My favourite shoes are brown loafers that I can use to dress up or down.

  384. simone lee says:


  385. Emily H says:

    I’ve got some red suede trainers that I just love, I ‘ve had them years and they weren’t expensive or anything, but they’re just so comfortable, and there’s something great about red shoes!

  386. Caronwen says:

    My FAV shoes ever are my United Nude Eamz. I get so many compliments on them.

  387. Helen R says:

    My UGG boots are my favourite – so warm and comfy!

  388. Linda H says:

    My favourite shoes are a pair of vintage, cream satin winklepinkers with stiletto heels. They are covered in gold thread embroidery and I bought them from a local charity shop for £3.00 over 10 years ago. Unfortunately as I have very large, very wide feet I can only admire these narrow-fitting, size 5 shoes which have pride of place on a bedroom shelf.

  389. Michelle Anderson says:

    My knee-high brown leather boots

  390. laura hand says:

    my fav pair of shoes are a pair of gold ballerina pumps that have a gold bow on. they are so comfy and look great with jeans

  391. Linda Hine says:

    My crocs! I bought them 3 years ago in New York and I still love them.

  392. Laura McCullough says:

    My all-time favourite boots were my green frog wellies, from when I was 5. I refused to take them off for months – not at school, not watching TV, not even when I went to bed! It was a sad day when I grew out of them. Now why don’t they make those in adult sizes?!

  393. Victoria S. says:

    I love my Frye black leather biker boots. They’re the perfect weekend boot.

  394. greig spencer says:

    my plimsoles from primark £4 yay!

  395. fiona usher says:

    my favourite pair of shoes are a gorgeous pair of bronze coloured stillhettoes from debenhams – i don’t get the chance to wear any of my “pretty” shoes but they are just so darn fine that i love them to bits!

  396. sandra says:

    My Ugg Boots

  397. mel hayward says:

    My favourite shoes are boots – a pair of black knee high heeled boots I bought from Evans about 7 years ago – the zips are broken and they’ve been re-heeled too many times, but they were the first pair I ever found to fit my calves and I love them to bits!

  398. Tracy Padgett says:

    I always love winter because I love boots. I can’t wear heels and always find lovely comfy boots. My fave pair were a pair of Faith leather pixie boots I had about 5 years ago which were like slippers yet kept out the cold and wet.

  399. Caroline O'Malley says:

    My favourite pair of shoes are some Hush Puppy sandals that are now dropping to bits as I’ve worn them for the past two summers. They not only look great (or did) but they are the most comfy shoes ever. I can’t replace them as they don’t make them anymore.

  400. SUSAN HALL says:

    I have a pair of vans Ltd editions by Kime Buzzelli and every time i wear them i feel good .. and i get noticed!

  401. Samantha Ripley says:

    A pair of battered Hooch trainers i bought 6 years ago, so comfy i love them, can only wear them when its dry now as they have sprung a leak recently

  402. Matt Brasier says:


  403. Nicholas Walton says:

    I have a great pair of prada shoes red and style hot!

  404. Luba Ashton says:

    I love my pair of knee length boots I bought a few years ago in Moscow. Having slim calfs I found the European shape so much better fitting .

  405. my favourite pair of boots would be my brown suede calf length boots from river island they are so comfortable and warm and they give me that little bit of height which im only 5 foot and they are very hard wearing

  406. Pat Stubbs says:

    I have 2 pairs of Josef Siebel shoes which are so comfortable and come in lovely trendy colours

  407. pam cooper says:

    echo shoes with a bar across have got broard feet oh dear

  408. Claire Butler says:

    I would love to win any of the boots they all beautiful. But they’d have to be flat or very small heel forme to walk in them .

    The vine black boot is definitely my style and my favourite

  409. LORNA WILSON says:



  410. Rachel Walker says:

    My favourite boots are a pair of long chunky FLY London Boots I bought for my birthday 2 years ago. They are comfy and warm. The thing I love about them most is the fact that even on my short legs they are a nice length. Long boots are often too long on me!

  411. Colette Hallinan says:

    I have a beautiful pair of immensely high brown platform sandals – I used a friend’s wedding as an excuse to buy them and then built my outfit around them lol. I’ve only worn them once as I was pregnant soon after and they’re really not practical to wear with a toddler! I’m plotting another outing in them soon tho :o) *sighs*

  412. judith cleasby says:

    a nice pair of loose-fitting sandals

  413. Cathy MacLennan says:

    My favourite pair of boots has got to be my Dr Martens with the flame effect. Comfortable and versatile.

  414. Lynn Gibbins says:

    I love my Joules Wellies! You’re never too old to splash in puddles and these are so comfy and colourful they make it even more fun

  415. Sarah Meir says:

    My green Dr Marten 8 hole boots. I have had them for 15 years (which is half my lifetime) & have lots of good, bad, happy & sad memories of times when I have worn them.
    They are slightly battered & worn but still look unique & on-trend 15 years later.

  416. Allan says:

    Favourite boots would be something quite straightforward yet classy, a bit like Aralia black boot

  417. Jane says:

    I like ROANNE black boot, I am not very tall, so that boot height is just right for me.

  418. Helen S says:

    My faves are the Primrose Boots in Black; I have a pair and they’re the comfiest boots I’ve had, I’d highly recommend Duo regardless of whether you have difficulty finding good fitting boots or not, they’re there for everyone.

  419. Lucy says:

    I’ve got an amazing pair of wedge biker boots. They only cost £35 and I’ve had them about 6 years! Bargain!

  420. Lizzy_s says:

    My favourite shoes are my kitten heel mules with a bow on the front. So good I’ve got them in camel and in pink!!

  421. wendy moore says:

    I have big feet but thin legs so finding boots that fit is a nightmare. My favourite pair of boots are black leather heeled boots from Top Shop which I bought about 10 years ago. I’ve worn them to death and finally the heel broke and it’s not repairable. I’m now looking for a new ‘favourite’ pair.

  422. My favourite pair of shoes are from Dorothy Perkins. They have a really high heel, suede and a zip around the front of them. Great for posing in but not to good for walking in lol

  423. Nickie C says:

    I have a pair of Jasper Conran purple suede ankle boots I love – but they have a 3.5 inch heel so I can’t wear them as much as I’d like 😉

  424. Kathryn C says:

    My favourite shoes are my brown leather boots, which are so comfortable and great for walking through puddles.

  425. Karen Jones says:

    My favourite boots are a black leather long boots from Oasis, high heel but sooooooo comfy. Had them about 3 years and looking a bit worse for wear but can’t bear to part with them!

  426. jackie rushton says:

    My trusty long length brown Uggs never fail me, they are comfy and look great!

  427. Andrew Cakebread says:

    Has to be my monkey boots. I didn’t even realise they were until someone spotted this. Refreshlingly distictive and unique

  428. Sally W says:

    Couldn’t tell you the brand as they are very very old now – however, they are a pair of bright electric blue Italian leather 4.5″ stilletoes that were extortionately expensive. They are from my teens/early twenties and we (that’s me and the shoes) had some really good fun times – both indoors and out 😉 I could even sprint for the bus in them! As I said, it was years ago now, but they still languish upstairs somewhere – i’ll never part with them and they always bring a smile when I come across them.

  429. Sally W says:

    I have some 4.5″ bright electric blue Italian leather stilletoes. Couldn’t tell you the brand as they are now very old – but they were extortionately expensive at the time.

    Anyway, we have had some really good fun times (that is me and the shoes), both indoors and out! They do still languish upstairs somewhere, I will never throw them out, but I don’t think I could even walk in them these days, let alone sprint for a bus (which I used to be able to do with relative ease). Every time I come across them – I just smile – shoes with happy memories 😉

  430. Akeela says:

    My favourite boots were a pair of brown suede leather Mustangs with a blue criss-cross lacing. I loved them as soon as I saw them and I could wear them with almost all my outfits. They looked amazing and were super comfy and I hoped they’d last forever. But alas! They did not and I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of boots ever since!

  431. Angie says:

    love duo boots!

  432. tinkerbell says:

    Black wedge ankle boots from Very.

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